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Maybe I'm mistaken, so were there two people working on two sound effect projects?  One was a SFX replacement (to have whatever you want), and another to restore the sounds back to their PSX originals? I just want to set the record straight that I'm not getting these things mixed up.

Was following the guide for FF7 7th Heaven, after converting it from Steam port to the 98 version, and to my dismay, the mods that are present in Reunion, not are they nonexistent, but the mods that are in lieu of them are useless. What do I mean?

Take this video for instance, you can see that all the in-field and world models are the same as being used when using Reunion on the Steam port. In the workshop, the name of the mod is called Field Models - Character, Enemies and Objects.  But, upon looking at the Workshop, this mod does not exist, so far what I've only seen is a mod that changes the overworld/map models, but in dungeons, towns, all character are the stumpy Chibi models, further adding to my disappointment.  The next grievance is the fact that the battle menu gets messed up when I try to filter the backgrounds with a filter mod. The Beacause Mod doesn't seem to work without messing up the menu, in short, I can't replicate any of the mods that Reunion has, and those actually work.

That, and whenever I post, no one, and I mean no one, ever seems to be around to answer my question and concerns, I thought this was a closer-knit community, I guess I was wrong. I don't have high hopes of being able to find a solution to wanting to use the same mods Reunion has, in conjunction with smoothed backgrounds (I can't stand pixellation, hurts my eyes).

- 60 FPS battle fix
- Re-translation
- Fixed menus
- Enhanced models outside of battle

Is this not possible with 7th Heaven at all?

~ Yes, they're all still there from the video. In fact, more has been added since the video was uploaded. But I am not going to update it every time I do small updates to the Catalog. When the next big update occurs with Catalog 3.0, a new video will be uploaded that reflects everything that is current with 7H. ~ EQ2Alyza

So, I converted the Steam release to the 7th Heaven version, you know, primarily because I want there to be filtered backgrounds. Now, the Reunion mod does all the things I want, aside from the background filtering with Waifu.

- 60 fps battle fix
- Re-translation
- Menu overhaul
- Town/world models being full sized
- Etc

However, upon loading up the modded 98 version, none of these were working.  Only thing I got out of it was the filtered backgrounds, the chibi models returned, there seems to be no mod for this in the workshop. Same goes for the 60 fps mod, installing Reunion did no good.  I hate to be blunt, but all this was is a colossal waste of time on my part, as I achieved none of the things the Reunion mod has offered. I'm going to have to uninstall the game, the mods, and then re-download from Steam, restore my backed up saves, and re-use Reunion and enable the mods that I had working.  :-(

Is there no way to replicate the results that Reunion has, in addition to filtered backgrounds? I want it to look and play 1:1 that that mod does. But unfortunately, I found it to be impossible to match the model overhaul, translation, etc mods to even work properly. No 60 fps mod kills it for me.

7thHeaven / Using Reunion R05c + 7th Heaven
« on: 2017-03-13 05:29:08 »
Is there no way to get the 60 fps mod to work with the Steam converted 7th Heaven conversion mods?

Edit: I converted the Steam version to the 7th Heaven version, and installed model and translation mods. But I don't know if the 60 fps  battle mod even works. If not, then I'm going to have to revert. The main reason I want this is for filtered backgrounds.

So, I've got the Steam version, along with using Reunion to patch the battle framerate, replace the models, fix translation, etc. All in all, it's a fantastic set of mods, but there is one thing that is still painful to look at, the scaled/pixelated backgrounds. I know some people like them and that's fine, but are there any kinds of shaders/filters to use in conjunction with Reunion that doesn't require any game conversion or convoluted processes to use shaders? I don't need anything that will be super fancy, just a basic, bilinear kind of filter, similar to this one found on last reply of this thread:

Is this feasible to use with the Reunion mod? Thanks :D

I can't for the life of me find any mods for the Steam release of FFVII, to filter or at least, make them less painful to look at on a 1080p screen. The only thing I can find is for the old 98 version, but not for the Steam port, is there no hope for us Steam users? Are we stuck with the horribly unfiltered pixelated backgrounds?

Troubleshooting / FF7 Steam 60 fps menu fix mod removed?
« on: 2015-05-05 06:17:59 »
Since some kind member graciously reported my thread for removal without discussing it with me in private, I shall ask here. There is a problem with this mod, - It  seems to have been removed from Mega, and the OP of the mod hasn't placed any new versions on another thread. Would there be a way for him or someone to reupload it so I can download it (among other people)? Thanks  ;D

Graphical Modding / Extracting summon monster models
« on: 2012-10-24 23:50:50 »
So, I'm learning the ins and outs of rigging 3D models as a hobby and it's something I'm really enjoying, but what I want to know is, where can I find the tools (that have updated links) to extracting LGP files (more specifically, "MAGIC.LGP")?  For instance, extracting the 3D models from the summon monsters so I can rig them, modify textures, etc.  I know there are programs called Kimera (I think) but it never loads properly for me on Windows 7 (crashes right away).  Are there any updated tools with working links that will allow me to extract these files or am I SOL?

Not sure if this can even be fixed, but the framerate at which the battle menu works is very peculiar. In the PSX version, the battles themselves ran at about 18 frames per second while the battle menu/HUD ran at 60fps.  In the PC version the battle menu only runs at half of that speed, this is especially noticeable when the characters' HP/MP increases or decreases, it's not as smooth as the PSX runs it at. Does that make sense?  It's also noticeable when scrolling through the item/magic commands, they too only scroll at 30fps when it should be 60fps like it was in the PSX. Are there any mods or patches that make the in-battle menus run at their proper speed.  This also affects how fast the ATB bars fill up when a character is awaiting a command.

I know that this issue remained ever since the old PC version was released back in 1998, but has anyone ever figured out why this happens and how to force the menus to run at full speed like the PSX version?

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