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Troubleshooting / [Canceled] Mug materia glitch
« on: 2012-09-14 14:42:41 »
Well, it's me again and i have really weird situation.
After using "mug" command in the battle, an animation for the next inputed comand of anyone on the battlefield (including enemyes), just being skiped (but it also checked by system that action actually performed).
So, for example, if i use "mug" by vincent, then performing animation for next action, like cid's limit break, would not be seen, but a damage to the enemy would be done (thus, there is'n animation for damage counter over enemy too)

Bootloader0039 patch pack.
Also, i tryed to reinstall fully ffvii - same problem.

Hello there! 
Sorry if i question already solved previusly problem, but i didn't find it)
Well, i installed bootleg0039 with new models/textures/avatars, hardcore patch, FFmusic application, menu overhaul (and else, well, almost everything).
All works just perfect, without crashes and anything, just one annoyng thing. After playing 5-30 minutes (seems random), on the next screen change (or enter a battle), a game may just freeze (gamesounds work fine throu), and won't respond to the controller, then alt+tab kinda unfreeze the game sometimes (givin me a chance to save), but only for the next screen change, when it froze again (and so over). I just playing throu and save, when it freezes, but, how i already said, it's annoying pretty much 
Also when game unfreezed by alt+tab - some graphical glitches may occure (like missing head or arm or floor)
Can anyone help me solve this problem, please?
Sorry if i didn't said about anything needed system info, correct me if needed.

Win7 home 64 bit, FF7 1998 (eng full), custom opengl driver enabled, intel HD Graphics, NVIDIA geForce GT 540M

Also, it seems i discover the sourse of the problem. I turn "on" showing Debug information and two parameters take my look:
RAM usage (485 - basic)
ext. cache size (0 - basic)
With the gameplay progress those parameters just starts to grow like mushrooms, depending on the "new" (for this load game) actions i do (looks like an spent RAM didn't release for some reason and starts to load system)
Also when parameters loaded kinda like:
RAM usage (1100)
ext. cache size (600)
Screen/battle/menu loading time extended in progression (why didn't i pay attension to this earlier, hm  )
So, when it looks like this:
RAM usage (~1500)
ext. cache size (~900)
The game starts to froze...
Tested few times.
Any idea?

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