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Very soon I will stream some more of my Sephiroth mod playthrough making sure everything runs smoothly.  So far things are running fine so hopefully now all that is really needed is tweaks.  You can catch my stream here:

Is there some way to do this in Kimera or do I have to get a modeling program and use blender to change it to a format to open it with and change back?

Edit: So did some poking around and it's kind of hard to do through Kimera.  You can look for parts to load in on it.  You can change it colors though you will have to play around with the lighting to make it more natural for it to match with the models.

It kind of sucks wading through all the mass entries for x FF title.  Is there some way we can introduce a way to sort them?

So is it possible to add some or all of the Sephiroth boss attacks usable for Materia?  Can I copy and paste the properties from proudclod to wallmarket?  Like animation id numbers and what not?  I figured people would like an alternate way to use them when I take time to tweak Cloud's battle model during his limit animations.  Might look a little weird to have him miss half of his hair if I can't figure out a way to make it roughly work lol.

I have recently started including one myself.  This is great for giving additional instructions as well.  I'll mostly use it for a history of changes probably.  This will be great for others as well who like to see a history of changes etc.  Very simple like I said in the topic use a .txt document name it readme and place it in the main folder along with the .xml.  Also a slight mod update as well since we are on the subject.  Playing through the game again to make sure everything in the current version is working again.  This is mostly due to some big mistake on my part.  Was able to recover everything fine and had back up of all my current work before the refresh.  No current eta but plan to go through it as fast as possible unless life has other plans and what not.  Anyway hope this helps you guys if you were wondering if this was possible and didn't know cheers.

7thHeaven / For crashes during start up
« on: 2018-04-05 01:25:44 »
Make sure you are using 1.54 since 1.55 has the save bug.  Reframe from updating till the fix so uncheck the automatic update setting till it gets fixed.  Minor change it you have to have a save in every slot.  The choice is up to you since I already reverted and unchecked the box that is what I am going to stick with lol.

Completely unrelated / Just published a book on Amazon
« on: 2017-05-04 11:19:48 »
Its first book in a series of short stories/Novella.  It is about Dragons and Paladins please go check it out the title is Bathed in Fire.  Let me know what you guys think and hope you enjoy it.  Tried to make it a short link but whatever code I use doesn't work.

Is there any special permission I should get or can I safely just go with it?  I probably don't need to post this but I don't want to burn this bridge as I love this site and made me extremely passionate to mod FF7 thanks to all the tools that made it all possible.  Thank you for reading this post.

Gameplay Modding / making new boss models
« on: 2016-11-20 16:04:33 »
So I tried to make newish battle models for enemies.  I made one of them for example wcaa and had the appropriate da file.  So I had the scene bin stat point to that da file.  However when ever it loads the battle it freezes before it loads all the way.  Is it because it can't take it that far or am I missing a step?

So I think I may have an idea how to make the limits work for say from Cloud to Sephiroth like omnislash.  If my idea works when I get around to it I'll edit this with the details and possible release to 7th Heaven.  Keep in mind though I may come back with nothing.

Update: So the biggest hurdle I see right now is the arms.  I need to find a good way to line them up with the shoulders.  Anyone got any insight on how to do that?

Graphical Modding / creating new animations question
« on: 2016-10-30 16:34:18 »
Is there a way I can create a new custom animation in Kimera?  I like to create something similar to supernova so it can be used by the player.  Also nice to do for making new bosses.

7thHeaven / Chunk Tool down
« on: 2016-01-27 04:02:24 »
I made a new change in the crater section to test out a new idea to make the models I want to function how I need them.  However when I hit the button it says it was complete yet nothing went into the folder.

Edit ignore this sorry figured out it was because I had it open still in Makou tool so just use this to make sure you have it closed too.

As soon as I get my own place I plan to start giving flevel modding guide and basically any other projects that I am doing as I learn the ropes.  If you guys like to leave feedback and comments to contribute to the video please feel free to give them.  I'll edit this when it finally happens with a link to it.  Hope you guys like the idea and hope this will also give you some encouragement of sorts I've learned so much from this site and my mods wouldn't be where they our now without the support.

General discussion / question at making a battle models
« on: 2015-08-30 07:55:17 »
I am working on making a new version of Yuffie for the Sephiroth mod.  It will be a new character with a different yet familiar back story.  I would like for this one to be able to use different weapons and models.  How hard would it be to assign weapons to different models?

General discussion / request/question
« on: 2015-08-20 01:30:49 »
Is there a way to make a tool for Exe editing like with libre?  Basically could one be made for other aspects of editing text and other parties data like Vincent and Caith Sith since they use the exe.  I really only ask slash request as I am bad with hex editing and was hoping it could be done to also implement into the iro as sharing exe is pretty dodgy but I don't see a way to do it any other way that works.

Starting at around 9 EST in about one hour.  I will go live and discuss current happenings in Wow and SWTOR expansions.  After that we will play a few online games.  Not in any particular order we will get into FF14 possible with my new race that came with the expansion.  SWTOR and then possible WoW with some tank pointers with set up kind of like a guide.  Here is the link to the stream: come join the fun if you are of age and get salty.

Plight of the Ancients

Update: currently got the models for Sephiroth and Cloud in the crater.  Now just need to work on enemies which I have started and scripting.

Expanded Plot
New events and enemies await in a new cave.  The Cave that Kyte was lying in wait bred some vicious creatures and its your job to defeat the new lieutenants spawned from these beasts.  Along the way you'll encounter trapped ancients to free them of their new prison.  This help will not go unrewarded as they give you free reign to all the items in the cave.

Item Relocations
Various new items are made for inclusion with this expansion to the plot and many existing items will be added in this zone as well.  Included but not limited to the items to forge the ultimate weapons.  Other character items to be included with Sega Chief's permission as he did those not me.  How you get those items could be rewarded in some ways to be announced or time of release.

Release Date Projection
Late this month to early this winter.  Usually depends on how much content to add and change in here and how fast I made the new enemies.

Moderately low

Possible FAQ

Why did you decide to incorporate ancients?
I had this theory and idea for awhile that I showed when I first came out with this mod.  That was that the ancients aren't restricted with talking to their own kind.  This was actually first introduced in Advent Children when Aerith/Aeris talked to Cloud a non ancient.  This is also a what if scenario that I felt should of been explored at the time.

Why is this being called and expansion?
This has mainly to do with how major companies do with their games sometimes and online games.  Given that we upload these on a site and that new content not shown in the previous game but still apart of it are considered expansions so it kind of seemed right.

So in the titled it said first of possible a few more what are you thinking of bring more in?
Not quite sure as of yet as this is not a particularly high priority on my agenda.  Still got the Prequel to work on and that has still yet to be the main focus of my off hours.

Well that is all for now hope you like the teaser and pictures to come as the content gets made.  Stay tuned and happy modding everyone.

General discussion / Hex tools
« on: 2015-04-12 00:04:32 »
Since all the tutorials are down I was hoping someone could make a little tutorial on how to use the extractor and such please?  I am having trouble on how to get the text file it talks about.  I want to incorporate the various limit changes I and ones I have requested to be made to be in the iro.  Just a simple pm is enough.

General discussion / Status of tools with windows 8.1
« on: 2015-04-04 06:56:27 »
Here is a little list of incompatible tools for windows 8.1 that I have found.  I am making this in hopes that developers will take a look at these issues as windows 8 is on all computers now a days and you are forced to "upgrade" to windows 8.1

Kimera: Any edits to the animations will not save properly.  Other parts of the tool work fine another then mentioned before and the compute weapon does not work either.

Makou Reactor: models will not import properly.  You WILL have to do it all by hand again! Only problem I see right now.

These are the only ones so far that give me the most difficulty.  Your results may vary.  Post any in here that you have come across.  You could revert to windows 7 however this is for those who do or may not have that option or the patients.

General discussion / 7H Heaven configure for mods setting
« on: 2015-03-31 01:30:41 »
So I have searched and asked around though no one seems to know or not sure how to tell me how to use the configure option.  So say my core Sephiroth mod uses certain files.  So some modders have models that are different to what is loaded.  So I want to make an option for Sephiroth to assume that version.  Also say I have used other weapon models for Sephiroth or he uses different animations and save other avatars for them so fit the others.

General discussion / Anyone good at portrait editing
« on: 2015-03-26 19:41:54 »
I am seeking a good portrait maker for my prequel mod that I unveiled today.  If you like to apply then send me a pm or share some of your work here if interested and i'll pm you.

Update: So recently I got this idea to use the Nothern Crater for something else as it is not used in the main Story mod.  Basically it'll give you material with abilities that are similar to Sephiroth enemy attacks.  This will go with making Sephiroth only have one limit and that is to transform into Safer Sephiroth.  Not sure when i'll implement this still doing some finishing tweaks to the flevel.

Mcindus has supplied a great picture of Kyte check it out here:  More to come as they are thought of.

Since the story mod is coming to a close on the main fixes for the game to be playable.  I also decided to make a mod to use Clouds da file and build some animations from there.  He will mostly have his basic animations and will edit the ones that were missing with the da.  Also hopefully we can set it up so I can have Sephiroth transform into safer and find how to get the Japanese Supernova to work with him.  Well that is all for now I'll try to keep you posted on stuff as I can make them available.  I got a bite on creating portraits for the new Characters and will post who I have after more portraits are made.

Since the Story mod is in the final major overhall stages I figured the it is the best time to set up for the eventual release of the Prequel mod.  For now since development hasn't fully started for now I can share some details of what to expect to be different.

The story will focus on more characters then just Sephiroth.  Zack, Cloud and Kyte I plan to set up their own stages.  Angeal and Genesis I still plan to have in there.

Different weapons will be givin to the main protagonists as certain standouts of the First Class soldiers will be playable.  One will use Lances and another will use gauntlets.  More will be thought of as time progresses and the mod starts getting developed.

That is all I can think to share of right now that isn't subject to massive changes.  This is a rough teaser with more to be added and made into a proper preview and progress thread.

General discussion / Japanese Supernova
« on: 2015-03-26 05:05:12 »
Anyone know if this is in the US pc version still?  I've looked and can't find what I am looking for.  If you are wondering why I want that it is because as Jeet confirmed it can be used on all disc so your character can use it.

All I can say was sick.  Some of Vergil's moves are pretty fast and the way he throws Yamato and it comes back to him just awesome.  We haven't seen how his Devil Trigger will work yet.

Here is the trailer if you haven't seen it:

If you are stuck with windows 8 you may or may not have noticed the mods and tools don't function right.  Thanks to Zara9 who brought this to program to my attention you can use Virtualbox to emulate windows 7 or which ever one that it fully supported the original game.  You'll want 3d acceleration to make the game run and you'll need to obtain and iso for the needed installation of the operating system.  I have tested this myself and it runs good.  Also you'll need to get the latest net framework for it in the emulator itself.  If you need help on something just pm me.

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