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Gameplay Modding / Final fantasy X - Punishment mod (ps2)
« on: 2017-08-30 05:26:30 »
The mod was hosted on, which seems to be down, permanently  :-[ ... that really sucks big time...

I just learned through google there was a Final fantasy X International Punishment Mod, it was at version 1.5, well if some awesome person has this and could upload it on here that would be awesome because I would love to try it.  The file name is FFXintPv1.5.7z

I am using International Japanese Voice, I hope it will work for that

I have the Final Fantasy X (USA)(non-international) punishment mod v1.7 and I will upload it to this thread soon.  I'd use that, but I can't stand the english voices in the game.


Gameplay Modding / FF8 Difficulty mod by OHX (PC-steem)
« on: 2017-04-16 14:21:04 »
Here is a mod I have just started working on...  its simply harder but not by any means super difficult, as that ruins the fun of the game, and also this game is rediculous easy as it is...

This is my 3rd playthru ever and its just too easy so I decided to try and make this mod...

I was using hard.dll mod and that is pretty good but I found myself just summon gf every time since your weapon damage is reduced by 50%, also, it's kind of irritating to launch

so, here is the list of changes from vanilla game.

-char xp req to lvl +60%
-GF xp req to lvl +100%
-junction magic bonuses -50%
-GF ability removed, Card Mod
-GF ability removed, Boost (all), its just an exploit with turbo controllers, but you can still buy the item in shop to learn boost
-GF Siren and Brothers modified slightly.  make sure to check them for new abilities at lv 10,15,20
-GF ability removed, xxx bonus (all), replaced with xxx +60% @ GF lvl 50.  to compensate for this...
-male char strength increased in concave curve (only effective at later levels), +25% by lvl 100
-edea and selphie magic increased in even curve, +15% and +7% respectively

work in progress
hope you enjoy =)!2UAjVaQY!1OlBy7kSX57i3PKshO2gEOKDR47aGzfBd65pcSNC6pg

installing - go to final fantasy viii\data\lang-en\ directory. back up main.fs,, and main.fl.  i like to use 7zip, winrar, or winzip to do this just put them in an archive.  Then extract this mod archive files and drag them over to said directory and overwrite.  make sure you backed up the original files before overwrite!

will post the changelog file soon... it will explain the exact changes

special thanks to the awesome Doomtrain editor

Gameplay Modding / FF8 more than 100 cards?
« on: 2017-04-10 06:59:53 »
I would like to get more than 100 cards, there seems to be no mod for this?

That leads me to believe it is probably not possible, likely because of the limited save size of the original playstation game?

It's not a big thing, but was kind of annoying in original game near the end.  Where you can only have 100 cards so if you want full set you can only have 1 of each.

have pc steam version.  thanks

I made this mod, to boost the sound effect volume in Final Fantasy 8 VIII steam edition.  As you may know, the music is quite loud in this game and the sound effects are quite low volume.  First of I installed roses and wine mod, great mod btw, and you can control the volume of the music with the vol=xx file in the game directory.  I lowered the vol=50 and still the sound effects were not quite loud enough for me, I like to hear the gunblade hit, GF effects etc, loudly because it is more immersive.  So why modify the sound effects, why not just lower the music vol=30 and then turn up your speakers?  Well because for me, this introduced some constant noise into the audio like a faint background hum, perhaps it is my speakers or realtek sound card IDK.

Sound effects probably twice as loud now.  I checked alot of the files before amplifying and they had low volumes for the most part.  Plenty of room to amplify. There may be a few of the loudest ones that got distorted because I allowed clipping in Audacity.  If this is an issue I can easily re-encode with allow clipping disabled.

Installing this mod - highlight your original audio.dat and audio.fmt located in FF8\data\sound, and back them up using winrar, 7zip or whatever.  Then open the mod .7z file and drag the new versions of the files over to that directory and overwrite.  Be sure you backed up the originals in case you want to revert to them.

I recommend roses and wine with vol=50.  Also in game, you can select config from the menu and adjust the sound effects volume (it is at 100% at default, so you can probably only lower it).  As stated Sound effect volume is all relative to the music volume..

=)  cheers

took down, GF sounds were distorted =\    .  Also sound effects not of good quality and harsh to hear loud repeatedly...
gf sounds start in the 9000's and if you open in audacity you will see they are all the way to 0db

Gameplay Modding / 99:59
« on: 2013-02-28 09:56:10 »
i have ff7 pc version and i just maxed out the timer at 99:59....

yeah its official i have no life oh but also i left it on without playing it for like a whole day a few times

so is there a patch for this to make it go over that time?  i havent found one by searching.  its not a huge problem but it makes it hard to tell which is my most recent save.   thanks

Gameplay Modding / ff7/ff8 difficulty mod
« on: 2012-11-08 13:28:38 »
I am wanting to do a mod to ff7 & ff8 that would ramp up the difficulty a bit.  Basically, it would involve editing the amount of points increase or percentage increase of the stats of the characters when they level up.  My issue with these games is that the battles have been a little too easy in most cases.  Eventually your character gets so strong there is no point in using magic because it is always weaker than attacking.  Plus its a little too easy to get 9999 health.

Anyways any ideas on how to do this.  I would assume you would need to de-compile the game and edit the programming code which I am guessing is in C++ language?

I am going to try playing around with the (savegame) character editor...

Thank you

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