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Far be it right to expound the inner deepest working of my soul to a crowd of people who either don't know who I am or only like me because of APZ Cloud  :P It's only right because it'll make absolutely no sense  :wink:

I just got word that one of my deepest most buried hopes is truly the outcome I've always wanted. Validation for years of emotional pain and unanswered questions. A clear path to that which I desperately desire. A pain that landed me in the hospital once for an under 30 almost heart attack. The solemn trudge of these past few years has aged me rapidly, and wonderfully granted me an earnest humility and sincerity.

I know now what must be done, and I know now how to get there. Hope will guide the way, and the promise of the sunshine I've always sought is enough to sustain me. Even if I never get there... The light it's self is the reward...

One can say... My heart has been made whole again, that or... you know... Unbroken  ;)

"Who cares! Make the darn Cloud already! or Tifa, or Yuffie, or Cait Sith! Everybody's always making dumb Clouds..."

Because I assume there's some of you out there who are ALL-ABOUT the Cait Sith  ;D

APZ Cloud Re-Release FINAL

---- Download Link - "apzcloud_FINAL.rar" - Mirror 1 - GameFront
---- Download Link - "apzcloud_FINAL.rar" - Mirror 2 - MediaFire



---- Download Link - "apzcloud_DLC.rar" - Mirror 1 - GameFront
---- Download Link - "apzcloud_DLC.rar" - Mirror 2 - MediaFire


No one is more baffled, amused, and humbled by this outpouring of love more than me. And so I thank you fans and supporters for continuing to show interest in something I made a long time ago  ;) Really... It means allot. I know it's not me but my Cloud you love  ;D That's okay. Enjoy!


Here's a youtube Leonhart7413 made for me:


I swear I'll complete the New Canon Cloud someday... You can follow it's progress soon at:


Hey guys! I'd like to see screenshots of APZ Cloud in your game. If you'd be so kind as to screencap em...
POST EM UP HERE in this thread! I'd love to see them :D


Desktop Background 2560X1440


Finally got him streamlined, with retopo'd geometry (all quads) with normal maps that were sculpted in ZBrush. Built the rig by hand from scratch in Maya, I've still yet to implement some muscles deformers (to get that perfect pectoral deltoid trapezius look) He has a working jaw, it can open and close over the teeth. And even working eye lids that close.

Point is... I couldn't do all this 6 months ago. (ZBrush, retopo-ing, Maya rigging)

This is actually for the project that I'm building the New Canon Cloud for. I won't say much, because honestly don't expect much attention when it's done... but just imagine something that involves Cloud and Imp's  ;D

Has anyone here heard of this little American band (Really though it's just a one man project) called Days of the New? It's my favorite rock band (Although really all the music's written by one guy)

Anywho, most people forgot who Days of the New or never heard it to begin with. I won't blame anyone for not liking it.  They never got that big before the main guy went on a 5 year crystal meth binge and ruined his career. If he died maybe people would start caring about his music...? But he went into rehab and then into obscurity.

You all know who Michael Jackson is don't you? Besides the creepy questionable walking mannequin he became, you know... the musician and performer he was.

But here's a young  Korean boy who plays an arrangement of Billie Jean that sounds like Days of the New!

Don't know how many of you guys will get a kick outta this, but i did!

Graphical Modding / [WIP] APZ's New Canon Cloud
« on: 2010-11-22 19:54:05 »

--Hello folks! A long time ago I released a Cloud that was apparently so popular that it's still insanely easy to find using Google search. It was downloaded over 4000 times (on my Filefront Account) and it contained a dirty secret in that the face texture was not painted by me. Lazy I know... Anyways, that was the first time I fully modeled and textured a character. Pretty good track record for a first attempt huh? Now if only everything I did could be that popular! Well... I feel like I owe it to you guys to make a better one. Plus it'll be fun for me!

--The concept or idea is to recreate the Cloud from the PS3 tech demo and Crisis Core's Secret Ending. There are a few images of this Cloud around but we don't get to see all of him at once, so this is my attempt to piece together what a possible remake might look like if they keep this new stylistic continuity. Like this:

--Here are some artworks showing my concept and the scale drawing I made to help me get the proportions correct:

--Here's some completed work:

--Can't wait for New Canon Cloud? Here's good old fashion APZ Cloud for your enjoyment!

click the image to go to the Game Front download link.

Desktop Background 2560X1440


You know me ;) This is... the same version of the Cloud that I made before and that I'm making now, but this is just another reference to add to the jumble of incomplete pictures I was working from before. It's not like I need any more reference to this specific incarnation. But it's just the obsession in me to nail it!

Completely unrelated / Neo Cloud
« on: 2010-11-03 21:59:10 »
Check this out:

You won't find this anywhere on the internet because I JUST DREW IT!!! Hey, I'm in Art School After all! I'm getting better all the time!

Hopefully my sad sick obsession with doing something I've already done before, only better, will make some people happy!

My quest was to recreate the Cloud from the PS3 Tech Demo and the Secret Ending of Crisis Core. And yet make him so as to fit into the original style as smoothly as possible.



And also included is the texture for Dark Cloud:



More to Come!


Work in Progress Timeline:



Also check my other threads of popular note:

Kingdom Hearts Cloud Battle Model

Final Soul Fantasy Reaver

Graphical Modding / Kingdom Hearts Cloud Battle Model
« on: 2008-04-04 06:01:11 »
    I pulled the Cloud out of Kingdom Hearts and chopped him up for use like many of you here at this board. But what I wanted to see was an updated version that would look like the original, but with the new details found in Crisis Core's secret ending. If they make a re-make it's probably gonna look like that! Except the difference for me is that I wanted to keep the original hair-do.


If you want a cool Cloud to download, go to my new
!!!!The APZ Cloud Project!!!! ~*]--(RELEASE!!!)--[*~
thread here:


  • This is NOT for release! The pictures are all I can give you legally, Enjoy!
  • Please DO NOT PM me about sending this Cloud or Sephiroth model to you to use in FFVIIPC!!!
  • Please DO NOT PM me about sending this Cloud or Sephiroth model to you to use in FFVIIPC!!!

Just click on the pictures to see them bigger.



Scale Model Reference

Use these to help you put the right details on your own Cloud, or use them to model your own front scratch![/list]

Archive / Final Soul Fantasy Reaver
« on: 2008-03-03 02:22:31 »

The Final Soul Fantasy Reaver:

Those game editing tools are finally got to the point where I could do things like this. It's Final Fantasy VII with Raziel from Soul Reaver instead of Cloud.

It's hilarious! Man, I'm loving it, I even switched the music too.

Thank you guys for your little programs, with them I'm allowed to be a supreme PSX geek and make things like this. Thanks!

I'm getting around to adding the Raziel field model, I've already chopped him up and resized him...

I'm just having alittle difficulty figuring out the field model system, I'm sure I'll get it down sooner or later, I got this far after all!

Perhaps when I've done more to it, I can make some youtube videos. That'll get people excited!

Whaddya think?

General discussion / 3D Model Import questions
« on: 2006-02-05 13:01:19 »
Okay... All you 3D Modelers, or anybody who opened up those ff chars, could you help me out alittle?

I know this is NOT Final Fantasy related, BUT it is ripping models out of games and opening them in a modeler program...? related... question. :isee:

A web-site ( is basically like how this site is to Final Fantasy, that site is to Legacy of Kain games. Minus the forum like atmosphere, which is nice! ... and redundant. (I try not to be the same type of noob, so bear with me)

They (or two guys really) Developed utilities that extract raw data from the BIGFILE.DAT found in the games (Just like the LPG tools, see the similarity? :roll: ) and one more utility that can view the 3D models as well as convert the native file type (.srobj) into something more usable (.x)

Ah ha! DirectX! Just like the pro's and semi-pro's use! I quickly found the main character to the game Soul Reaver, converted him to .x, and converted him into .3ds for importing into 3D Studio Max.

Joy of joys! He's there, in the program, faceted all over.


And here's my question:

Why this?

I throw on a quick meshsmooth, and part of him remains faceted! Further more, if I tried any iterations, the facted part remained the same.  :(

I remembered what I read on a forum about a geometric dumper for an n64 emulator, this guy imported Mario's head from mario64 and it was all faceted. So some other guy told him to select oll the verts and do a Weld with a threshold small enough to put all the polygons together the way it's suppost to.

So I do that, and now it does this:

It RENDERS partially normal smoothed, but parts of it are still faceted! I should also mention that in the viewport no noticable changes can be seen, at all! It still looks like the first picture. :weep:

I know that most of the faceted part is actually double sided. (In the game it's a cloth he pulls off of his face and puts back during game play) But that doesn't really count some of the other polys that aren't double sided, and yet act the same way! I should also mention that it only rendered that part smooth after I told the renderer to force 2 sided. So I think it has something to do with the whole two-sided buisness.

I've tried flipping the normals, to no avail. -_-

This could be attributed to the conversion process straight from .x (which is command text openable in notepad) but I highly doubt it. I think it has something to do with the vert/poly properties used in the game to make it render properly during the game.  :x

If this has no place here... Sorry! But it seems like this is the only place to ask for help! (I doubt the guy who programed the converter knew much about Max, the models appear completely smooth in his program) If anybody here could help me out, I'm be very appreciative. Thanks!

Archive / Extracting Lyrics in One Winged Angel
« on: 2005-10-24 10:54:25 »
Okay, I'm not trying to be one of the constant question asking masses, but...

Is it possible to use FF7 Music or some other program to extract a single track from a psf? Like just the trumpets or, in my case, just the choir in One Winged Angel? I know that I'm proibably waisting you time, but I'm wondering if it's possible? I'm not the one with the programming flair. :oops: (Well, I'm sure it could be done, but I'm asking if it's possible for you guys to do this) 8)

I'm sure that it could be done, another question I'm asking is... has it been done? I know that playstation uses samples to generate the music the same as midi, except that midi always uses the default midi device.

I'm a midi sequencer, audio mixer, and musician. So I know full well the real difference between midi and audio. Audio is soft of FINAL, in the case of no musical information is stored in an mp3. The notes that are played, what key it's in, what the individual notes are... Audio doesn't offer this information, it's a waveform. Like real soundwaves in real life coming from a guitar, of course you know it's a certain note or chord, but the air doesn't tell you what it's time signature is! Midi is soft of... interactive sheet music. All the information that you can read from sheet music is saved in a midi file. (That's why it's preposterous and impossible to convert mp3 to midi, or mp3 to psf, but it IS possible to to bring midi and psf to mp3!)

Now to my point! I'm involved with a musical project that I'm completely rendering game music to the point where it sounds like it was played live. I know it sounds crazy but check THIS out, you can see that I'm not! THIS is the battle music from FF7, and I freakin LOVE this man! :D I can listen to it over and over again!

You can also check out my version of Motorcycle Chase HERE

But I'm requesting a way to get the choir from One Winged Angel, so that I can mix it and use it in a similar creation using Sephiroth's famous, awesome theme song.

Of course, if nobody's able to extract it, or has a program that can... please tell me right now! :wink: Thank you for your time!

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