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General Discussion / At last I found this site back.....
« on: 2001-12-08 14:11:00 »
At least  I founs Qhimm bulletin board back. The admins should have put a link at the old site. I have to use Google to find the URL from ficedula site.

General Discussion / After a long absence.........
« on: 2001-05-17 00:46:00 »
.......from outstation work and a short holiday, ( and a brand new second chipped PS2 on the bag )now I'm back to terrorize this message board again.  :D

Damn..sure miss a lot of things here... :(

General Discussion / OT: In a very bad mood.....
« on: 2001-02-17 10:24:00 »
Dammit, my UBB board have been hacked. All messages and the member list gone just like that. Fortunately I've made a backup of the member list ( but still some others have to reregister ). But a lot of other valuable  informations in those posts lost like that, That's a pity.

Well...enough ranting. Must make sure that this WON'T happen in the future.

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