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I'd like to allow change of characters while battle is active. To disable character from fight there's the removal effect from materia and enemy attacks, is there a known way to trigger this effect? Also, is there a way of inserting a character during combat, something along the FFX lines?

I've disassembled ff7.exe and produced a lot of IDA nuances. It'll take time to fix it all and I'm gonna work through it as long as there's some spirit left, so naturally some aid would be welcome. Has anyone seen the light? I mean, made sense of things disassembler couldn't and managed to compile it back to working exe? I'm aware that some exe files can be decompiled with harsh accuracy, but this doesn't seem to be the case. Can anyone share notes, sources, IDA db file or at least confirm/deny it's been done before?

Audio Modding / Where can I get Anxious Heart mod?
« on: 2018-01-14 21:38:44 »
I can see links are removed in the source thread . Is there any way to obtain this version? A copy somewhere? If not, what's the approximated waiting time for the next version and what would be needed to shorten this time? Thanks.

Edit: At this point I assume it's: "when it's done", thank you for your patience :D

I see that some of the mod links are dead(Anxious Heart, Aalis opengl patch, and that's probably just the start of the list). I'd like to offer http and/or torrent seedbox mirror for extinct mods or for those lacking proper mirroring. I can't handle them all myself so if any of you would be kind enough to throw a mod that comes to your mind, I'd be grateful for saving me a lot of chewing through discussions. Cheers.

Edit: Found latest OpenGL Patch. I assume since its source isn't posted online there's no chance of obtaining it?

Anyone got player's current field/world position/face direction reliably? I can see there's an address for faster walking on and I've found camera format along with walkmesh in here but I don't see much world map info there. Any help?

Gameplay Modding / [FF7] Battle difficulty options mod
« on: 2018-01-14 02:10:36 »
I've been fiddling with the idea of making a battle difficulty and reward switch/scaler for FF7. Linear, geometric or custom scaling of attributes in a preset-like manner, achievable through stand-alone app or in-game difficulty setting scrollbar. I'm already chewing through this and while I do that I'd like to ask if there's anything unorthodox which I can include? For example: frog/death status, regen strength, spirit stat bug, white wind shenanigans or a defense bypass?

Completely unrelated / Leaked FFXIII trailer
« on: 2008-07-25 14:01:49 »
Am I the only one to see there chars that look similar to Reeve, Rude, Tseng and guy with long, white hair?

General discussion / FFXI sound effects?
« on: 2005-10-18 12:57:33 »
Is there any possibility to download somewhere sound effects from Final Fantasy XI? I can't afford buying original one and hacking out of it so if someone would be so nice and help me ;]
Maybe from ffx? It would be more difficult if not impossible...

I've just spend several hours on editing scene bin and "pumping up" difficulty of our good old FF7 on level that it should be from the beginning ;]
I've made it for my own purpose cause original difficulty was damn boring however i've decided to share it with other fans ;]
Don't expect much cause and feel free to have fun with it. I dunno how it'll work in farther areas of game so if anybody will use it so I would be glad if this person/persons would say what they think of it :]

Reasonable Mod v1.0f to 1.1 fix
For people who installed v1.0f and want to fix it.

Reasonable Mod v1.1
For people who have original bin.

--Download and launch. Point patcher to your 'ff7\data\battle' directory and have fun--
Don't forget to backup your original scene.bin.

Fixed more bugs.

Fixed all discovered bugs.

Added 'little something' for thiefs, morphers and treasure hunters :]

Fully updated game with standard drops/steal chances and items.

Altered difficulty 99% of encounters.
Only Gil and Level of enemies wasn't change in this mod so L4/L3 spells will work in the same old way.
Difficulty increment isn't equivalent to Exp/AP increase so you will level little faster than on original difficulty but enemies will be much stronger than exp/ap increase.
Added new steal/morph/win values. Some unique enemies will have random chance to drop some items after defeating so if you're lucky enough you should get it.
Several new enemies are now morphable, and lots of them have some nice items to steal(or crappy ;]).
Be careful... You could actualy lose in final 1on1 battle with Sephiroth ;].

I've chcecked at all my save files and it worked fine so I think that mod is ok.

Feel free to try and comment your opinions, thanks in advance.

P.S.: I was kinda tired when writing this post so forgive me if you can't understand what I've written. ;)

And thanks goes to:
M4v3R - for his SceneEdit and Scene.binEsplorer.
Fremens - for his Scene Tools.
bulk_4me - I used his addon for testing and bug fixing purposes ;]
Elentor and smithie for inspiration.
And Mobius for his priceless help ;]

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