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Gameplay / Final Fantasy X enemy editor
« on: 2018-01-27 00:58:23 »
Has there been any research done on the ability to modify enemies stats abilities etc? The ability to create a mod similar to punishment for the steam version would be very interesting.

Graphical / [W.I.P] FFVII Enemy battle models retextured!
« on: 2014-06-30 01:13:54 »
Enemy Battle models retextured!

Hello! I'm here with the intention to hopefully offer something worthwhile to the community. My aim is to eventually replace all the enemy battle models of the game starting with boss models.

I was going to release the files in packs of monsters (like 10 at a time or so) but if anyone wishes to use this model immediately ask and I will happily do so!

*Click to enlarge pics when the page and images have fully loaded*

This process will take a long time as re-texturing just one model and fitting it together again is very time consuming but I will do my best to dedicate as my time as I can to this project.

Huge credit to the owners of all tools used including Kimera and Pcreator. Also to various users for helping me out and showing me how to make this possible. If I've forgot to credit someone tell me and I'll add it.

Models completed/first release ready:
Air buster

In Progress:

Models completed by other modders already:
Guard Scorpion

I've been looking to redo some models (specifically enemy battle models) by adding higher quality textures to them (like the scorpion and sweeper models which have already been produced) however apart from reading through posts under new models people have already released on here I've found very little info on how to get my converted edited models from the likes of blender back into the game using tools such as Kimera which doesn't seem to import the models into the game for me perhaps an experienced modder here who has released and made models could provide a guide on doing things like this to make the FF7 modding community much more welcoming and accessible?  :)

Every time a battle is about to commence the game crashes and I'm referred to the APP log. So I check the App log and the last lines mention that it could not open up a 'Camdat0.bin' file, the file itself isn't missing because I searched and found it. What's going wrong and would anyone happen to know how I could fix it? Thanks in advance  :)

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