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Graphical Modding / Fixing the field models mouth blinking
« on: 2013-07-01 16:42:00 »

As some of you might know, many field characters blinks their mouth instead of left/right eye; let's take the Wall Market merchant as an example:

I couldn't take a screen cap because the blinking is way too fast... For this model (dfgd.hrc) there's three textures on his *.p head file (dfhd.p) which are two eyes and 1 mouth, here's the dfhc.rsd file:

Code: [Select]
TEX[0]=DFHE.TIM (mouth texture)
TEX[1]=DFHF.TIM (eye texture)
TEX[2]=DFIA.TIM (eye texture)

At first I thought it was a texture ID issue so I've switched the dfhe.tim file with dfia.tim and edited the *.rsd file but the mouth keeps blinking instead of his right eye. Does anyone knows how to fix it ?

Hey guys,

I'm currently working on resizing @ 200% the *.tex files from the "menu_fr.lgp" (french version of the game). After a lot of trouble, I've managed to get all the palettes right. I'm using Biturn for the *.tex to *.bmp conversion and Img2tex for the *.bmp to *.tex. My first goal was upscaling the "usfont" files and I was very pleased with the results so I move on with the "btl_win" files and this is where the drama began. Problem is that all the textures located outside the battle window box such as "target" "death", "mp" (recovering), sleeping status and the damage and recovery numbers are keeping their original size and location from the *.tex file.

The reason why I've been working on this small mod is because I wanted to keep the original aspect of the game such as the custom font and because it'll be extremely easy to make it work. Every upscaled textures of the menu_fr.lgp is working just fine but for some reason it doesn't apply with textures located outside the battle window box only.

Thank you for any time/advice you could put in to a reply.

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