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Just curious, since it's been a while since my last shortstay here...has anyone looked into N-patching algorithms since I last checked in? I'd like to offer the reminder that ATI already has software implementation of its n-patching code freely available on its website...

Is Fice still around? If so...I've found somethin'

I remember a while back wondering if there was any kind of filter like SuperEagle that could be added to spiffy up the backgrounds...With the work that's being done on things being at Higher Res...this seems more important.

He said it would be very difficult because it would involve intercepting DX Calls and stuff...

Well, there's this program called DXTweaker that does just that, uses a plugin system.

Also...I had an idea that would apply for all games, but REALLY spiffy up the classics like FF7. Using DXTweaker...shouldn't it be possible to take ATI's software-based source code for Truform and make a DXTweaker plugin for it? Think about the possibilities!

Edit: HERE Dag mentions months of work to interface with DirectX, wouldn't DXTweaker also take care of that?

Here is the link for DXTweaker:

General Discussion / Work In Progress
« on: 2003-09-12 00:26:43 »
I plan to develop this into a OCR ReMix, tell me what you think so far...

BTW Mirex, your space is almost full.'s%20Theme.mp3

General Discussion / How long have you been here?
« on: 2003-08-02 02:24:33 »
Check it, ya'll. X3 I've been here since nearly the beginning...

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Oh, bother...
« on: 2003-07-31 02:43:06 »
DXDiag: No General MIDI DLS file was specified in the registry


Solution?  -_-

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / DLS insights...
« on: 2003-07-31 01:50:51 »
Remember the problems I was having with the copy protection? Booya.

Archive / Oh, wonderful! FF7Music woes
« on: 2003-04-21 18:45:21 »
Out_DS for output

In_MP3 for input, used only to see if it's working.

General MIDI set in FF7Config

Music Directories set

Using Ficelib 1.10

Ok, what gives?

Ok, If you read any of my topics (like you do), You'd know I'm interested in twiddling around with GM.DLS, as modifying it not only acts like your typical soundfont loading, but actually changes how Windows interprets MIDI data, to a degree (Still don't know how much or little).

Anyway, the name is (obviously) inspired by the FFSF Project, since it was battling with windows to use Sam's DLS as GM.DLS that inspired me in the first place :p

What would be needed is the following:

People with DLS knowledge (mine is limited, but that doesn't mean I'm a slacker. If this goes through I WILL contribute as much as I can)

A Programmer, or two. (Needed to create some sort of loader to force the DLS to Windows. Serves the purpose of both making the process easier and for making it MUCH easier to people with an edition of Windows that automatically restores the file, such as my own)

A Seperate Programmer (if the other one or two already don't know how) to create some form of MIDI loopback so that MIDI plays from the Microsoft DLS Synth, rather than the MS-GS Synth.

A couple of Guinea Pigs (Me included, would help go through the bliss/insanity of testing the sound. More than one needed so testing can be done on more than one piece of hardware)

The goal of this will be to create a replacement for GM.DLS that will improve ALL MIDI-type music on every Windows platform (and possible on others which use similar systems for MIDI that Windows does). Also future applications for the loader system may not be just for loading an improved GM.DLS, but for loading one that is simply different (Read - would break compatibility with the majority of things), thus assisting MIDI artists, or simply making one or two games in particular sound better, rather than the whole spiel.

...So, any takers?

How would I be able to use the Orchestral DLS and Sam's at the same time?

Archive / Found out what makes my WDM device so great!
« on: 2002-12-16 20:32:36 »
This, however, is only in most instances, not all.
It does, however, do an insanely-good job with FF7.
Apparently, the WDM device is classed as a "software synth" by Winamp 2, but I know it's wrong. It does, however, have it's DLS file readily available in my system folder (Thus Winamp seeing it as a software synth - it uses DLS in a way much like those do).

So, how can I contact you guys so my DLS can be assimilated? (btw, I think it's near-PERFECT for FF7...the only problem it suffers from seems to be a few FF7 instruments missing...but only the SXG driver [not regular XG] seems to be able to fix that...)

If only you could hear what I'm hearing...
I managed to replace the GM.DLS with Sam's for FF8...alot of music sounds good, come compatibility is off, and the guitar samples aren't so good...but still.

So, I propose a DLS loader for windows, with features to counteract winME's protection. Any takers?

I need some help. I've managed to attain a pair of IMAX non-electronic glasses, and I have no idea what to set my stereo drivers to ^^;;
Can anyone help me with this?

Archive / Aaron's mirror and FFSF
« on: 2002-10-12 17:30:13 »
Mmm, I'm such a genius. Feel the love

There you go, the download page in all it's glory :D Don't abuse it folks.

Archive / FF7 and DMusic redux
« on: 2002-10-12 17:24:36 »
Hmm..How exactly does Fice's FF7 MIDI player work? Yes, yes, I know It may be a tad annoying, but I'd like to dredge up the whole FF7 w/DMusic spiel again...

I figure, that'd be the best solution for problems with FMVs and 32-bit colour, thier blockiness, AND the fact DMusic sounds loads better with FF7 than DX7 stuffs.
Not to mention it would really spiff up FF8.
Qhimm once told me that the video players for FF7 and 8 turn the FMV's into a hundred or so itty-bitty 256-colour blocks. The only workaround I can see for any of there problems is if someone made a mod or patch to run FF7 using a different decoding engine (perhaps one already present on your computer?). Maybe there could be a list to select which one you want to try?
... *meep* And add a SuperEagle/2xSaI filter? XD
Same thing with Dmusic, althought Fice's FF7MIDI has taught me that's no easy task (it plays some songs wrong no matter WHAT I'm using for my MIDI device...)

Troubleshooting / Little Known Griever bug-thingy
« on: 2002-07-12 15:46:05 »
Heheh, I know no-one really cares, but, say you have Odin. Now you fiddle with Griever a few dozen times...Odin's gone! So, when it comes time to get Gilgamesh, not only do you miss the nifty piece of storyline, but you also don't get him...

...Hey! Stop looking at me like that! This -is- a feeback forum!

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / I had an idea
« on: 2002-07-11 20:22:57 »
Would it be possible to apply a patch to FF7 or FF8, so that they can run in a plugin-type system for graphics? Or with SuperEagle applied to textures or backgrounds?

Ok, what's out there tweak-wise? All I'm aware of is the soundfont project...
Also, I'm running the latest detonator drivers on my Geforce 2 Pro, and I can't get the textures or menue boxes to look correct.
I KNOW there should be an easy way to fix this, and I'm pretty sure I used to know it...
Anyone out there wanna help?

General Discussion / Grrr!
« on: 2001-09-22 20:53:00 »
I just got FF8 reinstalled in my machine, and I downloaded al the latest patches.
...I still get all sorts of terrible colour and texture errors.
I'm running a Geforce 2 Pro.
So, how do I make it run?

General Discussion / I need the help of perfect strangers
« on: 2001-07-27 20:10:00 »
I just won out on an auction for a 64 meg Geforce 2 GTS card, and I need to convince My Fathor (yes, Fath-or) to pay for it. I got it for $140 plus a few bucks for shipping. He has no idea what it is or how strong it is.
"Well, we could have paid for something worse less" ^^; Geese! A 64 meg MX costs that much! I could also get an Ultra for under $200, but I'm pretty sure he won't buy.
I need perfect strangers like you tel just please post how we need this card because I'm trying to be a graphic artist and I'm using an old Savage4 card. Not to mention the compatibility with games.

...*then wakes up from insomnia*
*hides his secret stash of money further*
BIG dilemma, guys. I want FFa, and I want FFc...the only problem is, I could buy either!
That's right, for some unknown, possibly bless-ed (or unholy) reason, warehouses started shippinf new copies of FFa to some EB stores, as well as a few others. So I have here a choice. FFa, or FFc?
Even then, I failed to win a Yoshitaka Amano artbook for my Girlfriend and mine's 1 year anni, she doesn't mind, but my heart is telling me to by something! Once I make the choice between games...keep...or give away?
btw, I doan have a PSX, and DO have great luck with playability isn't a prob...

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