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Graphical Modding / Question about background culling
« on: 2015-01-10 14:42:29 »
Hello everyone, I was attempting to load a Final Fantasy VII scene into webGL.
The thing is that I didn't want to load directly data extracted from the game because I wanted to find a method not to remake the game, I wanted also to make a way to extend it or create similar content using Blender, and the easiest way possible.

I've been able to recreate an scene out of a background picture,  as seen in my blog post:

And I was pretty optimistic. From a picture I got an automatic method to reconstruct the camera, and then creating the walkmesh it's pretty easy with a very basic Blender knowledge.
Then, I have been able to load and display the scene into a webpage, and also to display some models on top of it. Keyboard input and collision management is also successfully implemented.

Now I'm facing the problem of background culling, this is the problem of knowing when the character is in front or behind, for example a table that is placed in the background image. I've been reading a lot about, and in most of the articles it says that I need a depth map. But this means that I have to remodel the whole background and that was the point I was trying to avoid.

I wanted to ask here since you are more experienced in Final Fantasy VII tech issues like me, how to attack this problem and if there is a way to determine the depth of certain background parts without modelling the whole thing.

For now I will be trying this approach:

Thank you!

Q-Gears / I want to do some tests and I need help
« on: 2013-05-01 13:31:02 »
I found your project very interesting and I wanted to do some test, but for doing that I need some help from the devs.
Those are the tests:

1.- Compiling running on linux (easy)
2.- Test moving to Irrlitch (not so easy)

In order to do those tasks I would like to know if I could get a simplified version of the sourcecode (specialy for the second task), to make a fork on github.
Something like just basic just rendering version or something like that.

Thank you!

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