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Q-Gears / Using available Game Engines?
« on: 2013-08-19 06:15:37 »
As halkun suggested it might be a better to use a complete game engine over just Ogre and writing our own.

In it's current state it shouldn't be to hard to switch to a game engine. We should think about stuff that's hard in general to implement and stuff that is a must and than see which options we have that make them easier to implement (with sticking to current self written engine being an option to).
Thinks that come to my mind are:
  • Cross Platform
  • ability to read native data PC/PSX, including Sound/Midi formats
  • Mini Games
  • Tutorials (only for menus? didn't play ff7 in a long time)
  • Field Levels, 2D background with multiple layers, animations or video and 3D Data
  • transitions between Field Levels, Battle stage, World map
  • Vehicles

where as I think sound and video playback with overlayed 3D would be hardest

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