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Solved Problems / FF7 GameConverter + Reunion Issues
« on: 2014-04-05 07:40:58 »
Hi, I've been eager to make use of the FF7 retranslation and menu overhaul for my PC Final Fantasy experience. I use the Steam version, so of course I made sure to run the game converter first. However, there are several niggling issues that I simply can't resolve on my own. Just to be clear, GameConverter and Reunion are the only mods I've applied to it, the latest releases of each, and I've uninstalled and reinstalled both applications more than once in hopes of fixing them; some problems went away, others persisted, and at least one I didn't even have the first time. Here they are:

- The aforementioned latest issue is upon startup, which is a warning box that reads "You have an error in your config file, some options may not have been parsed. (no such option snowboard/framerate)"

- The music no longer uses the Steam edition's .ogg files and is simply using MIDI. My own attempts to resolve this have failed.

- I don't know whether it's intentional or not, but the formatting of magic spells in the FF7 battle screens seems messed up. There is a full two lines left blank between each available spell, which makes it look like so:





... In addition, the red arrow that is used to signify "All" next to magic spells simply does not appear at all. Since this arrow graphic is apparently what got DLPB started in creating the Menu Overhaul in the first place, I take it this is a bug.

These are the extent of the issues I've found thus far. Since others don't appear to have these issues, I'd like to fix whatever particular problems are occurring on my copy as soon as possible. If anyone can help I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks.

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