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Graphical Modding / new battle animation for cloud
« on: 2014-08-28 18:58:03 »
I am starting to reanimate clouds battle model idle animation and wanted your opinions of this as a starting frame.
I am basing it around the SOLDIERs animation.... and the more i look at it the more it doesn't look right to me

I am new to this so any advise or opinions are appreciated

i will include the file so you can have a better look or if anyone could have a play with it to make it look better would be great..thank you

I want to change clouds 1st animation to the same as to SOLDIERs

                     to this                                                               from this

is there a way i can grab the first animation from the soldiers and replace clouds animation with it

Graphical Modding / trying to make aerith
« on: 2014-08-18 19:41:52 »
I'm using a mod where you can still use Aerith after she dies... I thought it'd be cool to have her as a ghostly figure instead of solid.. I have tried changing the group blending mode to 'additive'  and these are the results

i thought.."that's pretty cool, I can work with that".. unfortunately this does not appear in game as it does in Kimera, she is still solid. so....
(the weapons work with this effect :S  ???)

does anyone have any idea why this may be, or anyone have any ideas on another way the same look can be achieved without using the blending effects in Kimera?

thank you!

i wanted to play ff7 with just cloud in my party, i was wondering if anyone knows if this is possible without the game crashing in the field when other characters in your party appear from cloud to have a chat. i have thought about maybe making the other characters models invisible and always having them dead but thats a bit lame...thanks

Gameplay Modding / Adding Commands to the battle menu?
« on: 2014-07-04 00:36:59 »
i had noticed in the FF7 Trainer 0.7 Beta By Kranmer he was able to add commands to the battle menu, i was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on how to do this. any insight would be appreciated ... thank you

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