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General discussion / New FF8 Fandub
« on: 2016-11-01 01:14:15 »
Hello all,

I hope you don't mind if I take this opportunity to promote an FF8 fandub project that's finally come to fruition.  We had over 150 auditions submitted and a full cast of roughly 25 strong, 2 directors and 2-3 writers. We're determined to be the first fandub to make it all the way to the end while maintaining a full cast and high quality standards. We invite you to check it out!


Episode I (Intro):
Episode II (Fire Cavern):
Episode III (Dollet Mission Part 1):
Episode IV (Dollet Mission Part 2):
Episode V (Battle w/ X-ATM092):
Episode VI (Waltz for the Moon):
Episode VII (Laguna and Julia):
Episode VIII (Timber Train Mission):
Episode IX (Timber TV Station):
Episode X (Leaving Timber):
Episode XI (Laguna's Escape):
Episode XII (Meeting Irvine):
Episode XIII (Tomb of the Unknown King):
Episode XIV (Assassinate the Sorceress):


Episode XV (Winhill):
Episode XVI (D-District Prison/Squall's Interrogation):
Episode XVII (D-District Prison/Escape):
Episode XVIII (Galbadian Missile Base):
Episode XIX (Chaos at Garden):
Episode XX (Battle with NORG):
Episode XXI (FH):
Episode XXII (The Concert):
Episode XXIII (Find the Captain):
Episode XXIV (Trabia & The Orphanage):

EDIT: We are now officially partnered with TsunamiX's FF7 Voice mod.  Several VAs will have roles in both projects

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