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The intro starts off normal however once it gets to the point where the Square soft logo shows up part of the screen stays black like that. From there as the sequence continues that area of the screen stays black. Whats weirder is the rest of the game looks like its working. When clicking New Game the cutscenes play properly its just the before menu sequence.

I just modded my ff8 using tonberry and all the mods listed here manually not using the installer

Can anyone help me determine the cause of this glitch and is anyone else experiancing a similar glitch?

If this is a known bug I apologize for posting :p

I have replaced the Ultima Weapon on my Cloud with another weapon however I noticed as my hp lowers the weapon gets a blue tint that gets darker as my hp lowers.

I am wondering if anyone knows how to turn this feature off and would be able to explain to me the best way to go about this? Thank you everyone!

To be clear I do not want to disable the ability that makes ultima weapon stronger at full hp I just want to disable the visual effect.

I am extremely impressed with DLPB's R05c Patch specifically the version of the 60 fps patch it includes and was hoping to use it along with the R03e because of its menu overhaul. I have looked around the forums and I am not sure if this is possible at this time.

I came across this however the download link is down so i tried using an old version of MO.exe and the reuinion 60 fps patch however they conflict and break the game.

I am wondering is there any way to have the menu overhaul and 60 fps patch? If I were to use 7th heaven is there a setting that allows for both of these together?

Also if anyone has a link to L02 I would appreciate it.

If there is currently no way to utilize both the menu updates and 60 fps I am wondering if anyone else is interested in this. Is there someone working on a new menu overhaul? What steps or edits would need to happen to make something like this possible? I am very interested in trying to figure this out!

Thanks fore the help!


For anyone interested I was finally able to use both reunion R05c 60 fps patch with R03e! It only took a few hours of troubleshooting but was such a simple solution.


I didnt realize what the actual solution was so im modifying my post and deleting the old instructions because it was wrong lol sorry! i was trying different things for a while so i got confused about what i actually did to make it work. The solution is simple.

Patch ro3e Copy reunion folder
Patch ro5c
Take copy of reunion folder from r03e and put in mods folder

Now you have menu overhaul and 60 fps.

This has only been tested with menu overhaul checked for r03e and 60 fps checked for r05c. None of the other options those installers use were checked when I did this so cant verify if any other combination of things will work so use with caution. I am currently playing through ff7 and have noticed no issues so far playing like this.

I didnt seem to realize that r05c was deleting the old reunion folder and replacing it so every time I patched r03e and then r05c i would lose menu overhaul, but once i realized the solution I felt pretty dumb lol

Hi I am new to modding and I am loving every bit of it.

My question is although i already modded my game with bootleg, is it possible to use the newer battle menu overhaul (cant seem to find a link to it or know if its possible) or will i have to try my luck with 7th heaven? also will i be able to upgrade to the 8.1 aali driver and still use the mods already installed with bootleg? thanks so much for all the help.

The reason why i prefer bootleg is because it is simpler for my feeble mind to understand however i am willing to chage to 7th heaven.

Also if i do change to 7th is it possible to keep the portraits, battle.lgp, char.lgp, world.lgp and the crisp load game menu (the original one however it looks crisper) from bootleg. and if so how would i go about doing that? I know that the mods would replace mine and I wasnt sure if i would be able to just pop them back in or if i would have to convert them in some way to work with the 7th heaven (is that possible/how do i make them iro files?)

sorry for all the questions, I am new and trying to understand all this information. I would like to thank everyone for there amazing work on these mods and this website.

Support / Help extracting textures!
« on: 2015-04-19 03:40:34 »
Hi I am new to modding. I was wondering how I would go about extracting textures out of an rtaa character. I see them when i open khimera and theres add remove or change but no extract option. I am looking to make my battle model convert to a field model. thank you

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