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Other Modding / A Final Fantasy VII Fan-Localization
« on: 2015-05-25 21:30:31 »
Greetings, Qhimm community!

I've arrived here after looking into the "Beacause" translation project for Final Fantasy VII, and would like to share with you a project of my own.  I've just recently completed a fan-localization of much of Final Fantasy VII's dialogue by myself, and was hoping I could receive some feedback from your community.

I don't yet have a name for this project, but I'll be thinking of one as I begin to revise this initial draft.

First, however, I feel I should list a few details that should help shape an understanding of what this "fan-localization" really is.

- This version of the FFVII script has been done entirely by me.  I used Little Chiba's script on FF7Citadel as a template.  I did NOT retranslate this script from the ground up as users DLPB and Luksy have.

- The objective of this localization was to clean up errors in the script and, controversially I'm sure, to rewrite a great number of lines into what I considered to be more...fluent English.

- The above being said, I've done my best to preserve the nature of the FFVII universe, its lore, and its characters.  While writing this, I frequently referred to later additions to the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII to determine what is considered "canon."  Whereas Beacause has aimed to provide a better translation of the original Japanese script, mine aims to establish a firmer continuity with the rest of the Compilation.

- I said I completed this localization, but that's not entirely true.  Certain sections yet remain, and menu elements have not been addressed, though I plan to work on these in the near future as well.

- This is an EXTREMELY rough cut.  There is no direction between lines, ONLY dialogue.  Also, as mentioned, this localization is based on the script available on FF7Citadel, which does not include all character dialogue in certain scenes (i.e. scenes where dialogue is different depending on who is in the player's party).

- This script does something that may not be possible for the game itself, in that it sometimes refers to two-name characters by one name (i.e. Red XIII is called both Red XIII and Red, Cait Sith is both Cait Sith and just Cait).

For your consideration, I offer you:

...I hope that link works.  I'm not a smart man.

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