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Version 3: "6-24-18"

Memoria Engine installed.

Install Simply drag and drop and replace all. Make back ups of data 2 and 7 files/folder if u wish to revert to old game.

Forced level 1 ascept until you grind to 1 million exp.
Str/Mag capped at 250, Hp capped at 30k refer to perfect stats guide to achive these
Many hidden SUPER items and bosses
All bosses from disc 3 onwards have over 65k HP with nectron having most
Full 60 fps menus and battles, 30 fps on world map and fields
Fixed minimap/chocobo UI on world maps
High Battle rates

Patch Notes:
Thanks to Tirlititi for fixing monster HP scripts
All bosses with break HP is now fixed
Once mist spawns on world map on disc 4 all monsters immune to all status/death and cant flee
All battles in memoria cant flee or death
All Crystal Bosses are full on bosses with 250k hp
Fixed freya's ultimate weapon
*Fixed stat caps on leveling bonuses
*Boosted ultimate weapons damages
*Fixed land worm battles

is there any possible way to make UI in battles like 50% smaller?

General discussion / FF8 - Modding card stats etc
« on: 2016-11-15 06:46:11 »
has anyone tried to make a tool/editor thats able to mod and change cards aka max count, stats, item converts?

FIxed few bugs

IMPROVED DISC 4 lol also watch out for disc 4 dispel it can break hero

This mod is not compatible with non-modded version.
Saves will carry over but they will glitch extremely hard. best to play this mod from START to FINISH.
Updates will work on current saves

Everyone-Everything has been modded and tweaked.
i dont wanna make a change list of all what i did. plus its rather fun playing not knowing what to expect XD
i will say this you will have game overs level 1 to 100
FARTS are deadly
Disc 4 will force you to level up since all bosses have random levels it doesnt matter anyways.
Turn off V-sync during lunar events on disc 3 else you will get soft locked

You have a choice:
*play the game at a low level to keep monsters' levels down - forced EXP is enabled
*play the game leveling up auto maxing all stats but making monsters also with max stats

zkshd - for teaching me everything i need to know.
everyone else on these forums for the tools given.

Any Bugs report to me asap and they will be fixed within hours of the report

Battle starts at 3mins

FF9 Gameplay Releases / [PSX] Kaotic Hardcore Mod
« on: 2015-10-14 23:27:16 »
PPF PATCH 1-26-17 Version 6:

         *Named Trance.
         *Only usable in battle - causes trance, no heals.
         *Now usable in battle as damage items.
         *Damage X-Power * total item count of that jewel.
              *Boost and absorb their element.
         *Added to random syth shops.
      Dark Matter:
         *Moved odin over to ancient aroma.
         *Has powerful abilities but weak to all elements.
      Save the Queen:
         *Usable by Steiner.
         *100 atk
         *Holy based attack
         *More effective status effect tent, has trouble and virus.
         *Boosts and weak to all elements when equipped.
         *buyable in all item shops.
         *removes all debuffs including virus.
         *Absorbs all Elements.
         *Boosts all Elements.
         *All Stats +9/+18.
      *New exp curve, takes full 9,999,999 exp to hit level 99
      *Hp Curve is now 50+(level*level) - starting HP based on STR around 10-20HP - HP does max on all chars
      *Mp Curve is now 200+(level*level)/10
      *adjusted MP costs on all spells, stronger spells need alot of MP weak spells use little MP
      *Quina has new modded abilites - even some NEW ONES!!!

      *All monster levels are doubled and defense matches new levels
      *All bosses in disc 4 have regen and haste
      *Iifa tree boss is demon instead of undead
      *Removed exp from pand battles on disc 3
      *Can you beat ozma? be the 1st in world.

   General Feeling of the game:
      *Disc 1-4 goes kaizo - easy if played smart

   *Any bugs or ideas feel free to post

   *Leveling marcus helps ALOT
   *Staying low level on main chars gives better stats once obtain better items later in game - refer to perfect stats guide
   *There are many hidden secrets lie ahead - Dont wanna spoil the game now do we??

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