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Other Modding / In-Game button name translation
« on: 2015-12-30 22:03:54 »
Thanks to the recent Steam sale, i finally decided to get my hands on FF VII on PC.
After a few hicups with the controlls, i browsed the Steam forums and stumbled upon a mod that not only set up the keybindings in a somewhat PSX-ish fashion for a 360 pad, but it also changed the in-game names of said buttons.
So, instead of asking you to press the {CANCEL} button, it now says {B}, which makes it a whole lot more comfortable to both play and read.

Now for the bummer part: Im playing the german version of the game, and the mod is exclusively for the english release.
After a few exchanges with the modder i was told, that these are "simple" "Find/Exchange" alterations to the games script. Now im eager to make such a mod for the german version too.

How newbie friendly (and trust me when i say newbie, i MEAN newbie) would that be or is it even possible for someone completely new to it ?
Where to start, what to do, what to use, where are my pants....

-What do i need to know before starting
-What tools do i need to use for this seemingly simple text altering
-Can i simply pass these altered files around afterwards ?

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