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Not sure why there aren't threads about this, but i played the Steam version of FF7 some months ago and i noticed a couple of issues with the sounds effects. I've tried searching for similar discussions elsewehere but most results told me there was a discussion in this forum about people trying to figure how to "fix" those sound effects but it was defunct since 2013 because nothing could be done. However, can't seem to find that discussion at all.

Anyway, here are some of the sound effects that don't work properly compared to the PSX version, or are just wrong:

- Aero3 (an attack used by the optional boss "Rapps" and another monster in the Whirlwind Maze) doesn't use the same sound effect as on PSX: it uses the same sound effect from Molboro's "Bad Breath" and other enemy attacks: (go to 00:20)
Here's the correct one: (go to 01:45)

- Omnislash Limit Break sound cuts off when Cloud is charging his sword: (go to 00:19)
Here's the working one: (00:45)

- There's also a similar problem with the Comet2 magic: (go to 01:35)

So yeah, my question is: has anyone eventually managed to mess with the sound effects of this game, i.e. replacing/fixing/etc. anything?

Thanks in advance for all replies.

EDIT: all issues have been strikethrough'd because they're likely being fixed with the newest release(s) of The Reunion.

I apologize for this wall of text but i tried discussing this in DLPB's "Roses and Wine" thread but he couldn't do anything about it (because they're mostly unrelated to the OST itself) and told me to continue the discussion somewhere else in the forum. I tried in the official Steam discussions section but was completely ignored. Maybe here i'll have a little more luck, who knows.

I started playing FF8 earlier this year (the Steam version, i also played FF7 before that, and it was full of minor audio-related issues... but that's another story. Maybe i'll play FF9 next when it gets released) and spent a lot of time on Disc 3, because, you know, it's the last one before the "Point of no return", the cities (and so certain leveling spots like Elnoyle in Esthar) become unavailable in Disc 4 and whatever. And i noticed some issues with the music while re-visiting certain towns. I thought these issues were related to "Roses and Wine" (which brings PSX quality music to PC, since Square didn't even bother to patch it like FF7... and that version still has small issues which still required ANOTHER music mod) but apparently it's not true. These bugs also happen with the original MIDI soundtrack, even with a fresh reinstall of the game. And i'm fairly certain they happen only on Disc 3... or at least, the former does, because the music is supposed to change there.

1) When you finish the Shumi Village sidequest in Disc 3 (after starting it in Disc 2) and the statue is completed (before going in the Lunatic Pandora) you're supposed to hear the music played in Fisherman's Horizon with the band (which is composed of 4 different MIDI-ish audio files chosen from a total of 8, 4 are for one Irish-like music, the other is a instrumental version of "Eyes on Me"), after Master Fisherman tells you something about bringing it to the village. The guy is there only if you previously completed the Fisherman's quest back in Disc 2, IIRC. After that, when you leave the workshop and go in the previous screen (the one with the Moomba outside the Elder's house), you get an extra flashback sequence with Laguna in the workshop, and the music is changed to "Fragments of Memories" (from the second dream sequence in Winhill). This music is also kept if you ever decide to return (after the flashback, you're automatically sent to the village elevator)

This is the sequence from the PS1 version (music starts at 06:00 minutes):

And this is the same on PC (music is supposed to start at around 17:40 minutes):

As you can see/hear (lol), NOTHING is heard on PC. Notice how the video uploader says that the bug could be caused by a lack of a music mod (actually, it's still happening with it)

That's when things get completely effed up. Normally, there's no music playing in the background when you walk around the village, except an audio file with the sound of birds, water etc. (either "038-soyo.wav" or "039-rouka.wav" from the game folders, i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\FINAL FANTASY VIII\Data\Music\stream\ all WAVs i'm going to name from now on are in that folder, by the way). That's until you get the statue completed. After that, nothing works properly in the village. You'll no longer hear the "band music" or the background ambient sounds. If you return after the aforementioned flashback, and leave the elevator, you keep hearing it when you walk around the village (audio file is "010-ante.wav"). If you enter the hotel, and leave it, "Julia" keeps playing. If you enter the workshop, and leave it, "Fragments of Memories" keeps playing. It's like it "absorbs" the last music you heard, and keeps playing it until you reach another room with another music, or leave the village.

2) You all know the music that plays in Balamb Town. It's the same that normally plays in the aforementioned Shumi Village workshop. Well, there are two screens at Balamb Town in which you can also hear sea waves, seagulls etc. in the background (the audio file itself is called ""044-sea.wav" in the game folders), and off course the music theme itself. The screens are the one outside of the Balamb Hotel (with the bearded guy who talks with the girl), and the docks. If you play Triple Triad with the NPCs in one of these two screens, you get two issues:

a) "044-sea.wav" keeps playing even during Triple Triad games, and "Shuffle or Boogie" (the minigame theme) plays at the same time. The former keeps playing even if you win a game of cards (in the screen where you choose the cards you won), and again, you can also hear the "victory" music at the same time.

b) when you leave a game (by winning/losing or just quitting before playing) the Balamb music theme just fades out and you hear only the aforementioned "044-sea.wav". If you replay a game of cards and/or quit again, you still hear some bits of the Balamb music, and again, it fades off and you hear the other background audio. The only way to restore the music in the town is to leave it and return, or play a game of cards with people NOT at the docks or outside the Balamb Hotel (like the Queen of Cards if she's at the station, Zell's mother, the kids in the other house, or the girl outside the station).

I'm afraid there are no videos of this, sadly, but it can ALWAYS be replicated on Disc 3, especially just before going to the "Point of no return" in the Lunatic Pandora. Just go back to Balamb Town, play Triple Triad on these two screens, and see what happens. Again, sorry for the wall of text, i know these issues will probably never ever be fixed (were they in the 2000 version?), but i just wanted to report them anyway... i wonder if you also noticed these, and nobody seems to have discussed about that ANYWHERE.

EDIT: both issues have been strikethrough'd because the former was fixed by Roses and Wine W07 and the latter will never be fixed (but can) for the time being.

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