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So, I know that there is a program capable of decrypting and reencrypting any file of this game, including save files. Is it possible to change character costumes / assigning character costumes by editing such files, or in any other way?

Hello there guys!

My intention is to, on the Steam PC version of Final Fantasy 8, enforce a particular character model at any time during the game. A practical example would be Selphie appearing in the game with the Uniform model or SeeD uniform model instead of the casual one. This is partially achieved via Hyne, but that only changes Selphie into her Uniform model during battles, and not the model used in the map.

I also tried replacing the casual modded textures with the uniform textures, but only achieved a glitch. The character model itself appears similar, so wouldn't a plain texture replacement achieve the result? Would it be possible to edit the Selphie uniform textures so that it is rendered correctly as a replacement for the casual textures?


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