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Edit: Nevermind, got it working by setting FF7.exe to run as administrator and 640x480 resolution.

Hi, I'm getting an error after installing and enabling a few mods.

This is my load order:

I'm using a fresh Steam installation.

I followed all the steps on how to install 7th Heaven etc.

Any ideas of what went wrong?

For some reason I don't have the option to change my forum avatar,
is it disabled at the moment,
or am I doing something wrong?

These are the options available to me:

And this is what my settings look like:

First off all, I love all of the mods! :D

The hand over your head is sometimes glitchy, it's replaced by a wierd texture,
the same happens to the red and green indicators for exits and ladders,
the only solution is restarting the game, which is a bit annoying if I'm in the middle of a dungeon without nearby savepoints. :P

I've only managed to capture the glitchy texture for a ladder at the moment.

Oh, and also I've encountered Dio with his torso missing and him having a wierd white texture located a few inches behind his back instead,
and I've also noted that with some characters they stop animating when they are slowed, it's like they've been stopped,
except that they still continue fighting. :P

I'm using all the mods except the following:

Gameplay - Difficulty and Story
Gameplay - Tweaks and Cheats
Miscellaneous - Jessie Mod
Field Textures - Omzy / yarLson

I'm also using Windowed Borderless Gaming

My specs:

Windows 7
AMD HD7970
Intel i5-3570K

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