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General Discussion / Final Fantasy 8 in Unity?
« on: 2016-11-07 12:43:43 »
Hi, I'm a long time viewer of these forums, only joined today as I thought this was definitely the place to post about this.

I've been longing for a Final Fantasy 8 remake ever since it was announced that 7 8 and 9 were being remade for PS2 (that obviously never happened, though the FF8 tech demo was fantastic at the time).  As part of an assignment at university, I made a very simple demo based on FF8 (which can be found here real stuff begins at 3:00, no idea why I left it running that long in the beginning).  I thought it would be cool if the community made a remake as they would probably be more faithful to the original than SE would be (see what they are doing with the FF7 remake for example), not to mention I've seen what some members of this community are capable of and I'm sure they could do a fantastic job (combine the knowledge of the community regarding how the engine/mechanics/formulas work along with other fan projects such as the voice over projects, people making hd models/textures and stuff and it could turn out incredible).

As you can see in that video, I have absolutely zero artistic talent, the only thing I'm proud of art wise is that I managed to make the gradient look pretty decent (as a non artist anyway), and the throw back to the Galbadian enemies as capsule soldier and capsule leader (I guess I'm quite happy with my covers of the music although I could do a way better version of them these days).

Basically, would anyone be interested in seeing this happen, and if so, would anyone be prepared to help?  I'd volunteer for music and programming as I've been involved in music for 13 years and am a recent Games Software Development graduate, but obviously there is a lot more than that that needs to go into it (I'd also like some optional enhancements, for example, if the voice over project was included voices could be optional along with the grey boxes being substituted for more subtle subtitles at the bottom of the screen, again, optional.  I also like the idea of optional camera stuff, i.e. traditional FF8 camera or more modern right analog stick to move camera so you can see more of the world instead of being confined to the camera angle set in the game).  Time would be limited for myself (and I imagine most people) due to work, but I think if enough people were interested in working on it we could do a pretty good job in not too long of a time thanks to software such as Unity.

Or, if no one is interested I'll crawl back into my cave and pray SE eventually does it :) (properly that is)

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