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General Discussion / Need help. New to modding.
« on: 2017-01-27 11:09:02 »
With Proud Clod and Mako Reactor, i'm trying to make a Rude and Elena fight in the Mythril Mine when you encounter them.

I copied Rude from Gongaga and copied Elena from Midgar, altered their stats etc. and got rid of Elena's AI to end the battle when she dies if Rude is still alive. She'll just use "Report" and leave the battle.

Making a formation was a nightmare though, I got Mythril Mine and copied everything else from the Gongaga fight so the camera has a side view of both parties and placed Rude and Elena where Rude and Reno would be etc.

But I keep getting an unhandled exception error and all my camera and formation values are reset to FFFF. So to clarify, I have no idea what i'm doing, if someone knows how to do this sort of stuff I would appreciate help.  :-[ :-[

Gameplay / Simple Character Class Mod (Beginner)
« on: 2017-01-21 01:46:13 »
I've only recently got a few programs to help mod FFVII. I've only tinkered with them so I don't know anything advanced or scripting or any of that. Is it possible I can assign Materia to every character but make the Materia menu disabled so it seems they all learn their own abilities, and give them their own "class"? For example I give Cloud Fire, Ice, Lightning, Cure, Double Cut etc. and he slowly learns everything over time with AP. Then Vincent has Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Poison, Contain and Ultima and he learns them over time.

Is it possible to assign these specific Materia to everyone and make it so you can't take the Materia off or disable the menu? (Of course every weapon will have to have the same slots)

Any help would be appreciated. Again, i'm new to this stuff  :P

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