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FF8 Gameplay Releases / [FF8] Training Center
« on: 2017-09-20 23:10:03 »
Steam BuildID: 296320 (FF8_EN.exe)
I put the absolute minimum effort into this program because I was not sure if something like it already existed. If it garners enough support, I may continue the project.

What is Training Center?
In its current state, it is a battle simulator.

What does it do?
(Re)Play any battle with the current party (untested).

Can I switch/customize my party?
Not yet, but that is the long term goal.

Can I play as a monster?
Maybe one day.

How do I use it?
Start FF8_EN.exe and load a save file
Start FF8_TrainingCenter.exe
Enter a number in the edit box
Check the Check1 checkbox
Go to B-Garden- Training Center location and encounter!

I do not have time to catalog each battle right now which is why the UI is practically non-existent.



I began playing FF8 again and have been making small adjustments to gameplay I feel are quality of life improvements. One could argue the vanilla game is too easy and certain proposed changes will make it easier, but that is not the focus of this thread. I want to take suggestions the community has and possibly implement them.

I'll begin with something I posted in another thread:

Save Anywhere:
Spoiler: show
Save Anywhere - Address (set value to 1 and freeze):
Code: [Select]
Save Anywhere - Patch:
Code: [Select]
Save Point

FF8_EN.exe+1221CF | 8A 88 D1 00 00 00        | mov cl,byte ptr ds:[eax+D1]             | mov cl, 1
FF8_EN.exe+1221D7 | 80 C9 01                 | or cl,1                                 | nop
FF8_EN.exe+1221E6 | 80 E1 FE                 | and cl,FE                               | nop

Loading Zone

FF8_EN.exe+12BE1D | 8A 90 D1 00 00 00        | mov dl,byte ptr ds:[eax+D1]             | mov dl, 1
FF8_EN.exe+12BE2D | 80 E2 FC                 | and dl,FC                               | nop

I was also interested in allowing any GF to be junctioned simultaneously by all of the characters. I had partial success by writing the value (flag) that determines which GF(s) a character has junctioned. I will eventually determine which instruction(s) disable the GF once it has been junctioned and modify them accordingly. For now, you will have to live with this screenshot:

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