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I tried getting answers to this problem many times. This bug that causes all my normal attacks to miss happened after I updated the kernal.bin file with Proud Clod. Before I did that, I got the wrong battles starting with the boss fight after meeting Red13, and after that the elevator fight didn't work either.

It's kinda sad, because I think I could have made a very good difficulty mod.

I was told I should make a new thread for this. Last time I tried modding the game, my regular attacks stop working. This happened because I had to do something in order to stop the game from putting me in the wrong battles.

Completely unrelated / Considering learning programming
« on: 2018-12-26 02:51:05 »
I was looking up programming classes in my local college; just thought of it today.

I often complain that a combination of the New Threat and Hardcore mods would be perfect with some changes in the ways certain enemies are used. I can't even figure out to make a simple mod myself because i think i need programs that only work on 64-bit and i have a 32-bit. I would think basic programming should be able to help make my computer compatible with modding programs for all sorts of games originally from the 1990s.

I could make a lot of things if i only knew more about programming, especially the random problems that tend to only happen to me.

The classes are at least four hours long based on my research. There are a very limited amount of choices based on my search. They are mostly basic programming classes needed for all programming. I don't know where the specific stuff is taught.

Is there any chance there are still colleges that teach programming needed to mod old video games?

All i did was edit enemy stats, enemy encounters, and some other irrelevant things.

I encountered this problem twice. The room after i get RED 13 i fought a zombie dog instead of the boss. When i go to the elevator battle, i get that same boss instead. I did not edit those maps when i was changing encounters. Why did that happen? I'm going to check Hojo, because there is a tool in there to change battle backgrounds ; i checked and it's still the same as original. Also, both the boss and the two elevator enemies still exist on Proud Clod.

Why would this happen?

Proud Clod deleted my scene.bin file! (i used compatibility for Windows Vista)

Most of my scene.bin was deleted.

I need somebody to post me a download for the original scene.bin because it does not exist right now.

I don't think i can install only the scene.bin file, i would have to start all over again.

I took hours modding, including Hojo.

It shouldn't be hard to mod with Hojo again, but i need somebody to provide me a new scene.bin.

Why wouldn't there be a download for it?

Do modders for this game still exist?

Mod Request : Difficulty Balancing

Mideel Patch : There has never been one before so i am requesting it
-No destruction of Mideel : keep the city as is in the beginning
-End the movie cut scene when Tifa takes Cloud out of the house to give a black screen just before the city is destroyed
-After the black screen, go to the Highwind scene when Cloud admits to ........
-Take out the Lifestream cutscene
-In Midgar Wall Market : Change the name "Korean BBQ Plate" to "Wutai BBQ Plate"

Item Patch : Some changes to items and materia
-Add Cover materia to the Kalm store
-Add six connected slots to Wizard Staff
-Sell Assault Gun in Kalm instead of Cannon Ball and sell that in Junon only
-For the Contain materia : switch the Freeze and Tornado abilities with Tornado being 1st and Freeze being 3rd
-Elixers instead of Megaelixers at Chocobo Race prizes
-Potions heal 200 HP and Hi-Potions heal 800 HP
-Increase MP cost of Fire-Bolt-Ice #1 from 4 MP to 5 MP
-Increase MP cost for Poisona from 3 MP to 4 MP
-Require 1 level up to use Summon skills just like with Ultima
-Decrease requirements to get Final Attack Materia to only beating battle mode on Disc 3 without Ultima Weapon
-Double Steal chances
-Switch the Contain materia with the 4th enemy skill to make Contain materia easier to find and the enemy skill harder
-Add an accessory that can block Confuse other than Ribbons

Difficulty Balancing : many enemies are under-powered, especially in Midgar on Disc 1
-Starting Shinra soldiers : increase their HP to 80 and 5x Machine Gun Power with half coming form 2.5x attack, increase Ice 150%
-Increase Guard Hound HP to 90 and 4x attack : add it as an additional enemy possibility in Sector 5 Reactor, Fire 150%
-Increase Grunt's HP to 100, 4x attack, increase Ice 150%
-Increase 1st Ray's HP to 30, 2x attack
-Make Laser Cannon more common in the stairway room (never seen one before)
-2x attack for Proto Machinegun
-2x damage for Guard Scorpion's Rifle attack
-Increase Blood Taste's HP to 120, 4x attack, Lightning 150%
-Increase Chuse Tank's HP to 60, 3x attack, add to Midgar beach area enemy encounter
-Increase Grashtrike's HP to 70, 4x attack, add to Midgar beach area enemy encounter
-Increase Special Combatant's HP to 130, 4x attack, Increase Lightning 150%
-Smogger: Increase Lightning 150%
-Increase Rocket Launcher's attack 2x
-Increase Hedgehog Pie's HP to 75, 2x attack
-Make Hell House a rare enemy encounter
-Increase Whole Eater's HP to 130, 150% Fire
-Increase Ceasar's attack by 3x, add three as a new encounter, add to Midgar beach area enemy encounter
-Increase Aero Combatant's attack by 2x
-Increase Mighty Grunt's armored form HP to 200 and decrease HP for skeleton form to 30 HP, 2x attack for armored form
-Make Hammer Blaster a rarer encounter
-Increase Ghost's evasion for physical attacks to 90% (Defense%)
-Increase Grenade Combatant's Machine gun to do at least 2x damage as MP's and increase Grenade damage to do 100s
-Increase Deenglow's attack by 2x, increase HP to 150
-Increase Castanets's attack by 2x
-Increase Crawler's attack by 3x, increase ice damage by 3x
-Make Elfadunk more common, 2x attack
-Mandragora Fire 200%, increase attack power by 20%
-Levrikon : Ice 200% & Lightning 200% & Earth 200% & Poison 200%
-Make Grangalan a rare encounter, add more Mu
-Increase Needle Kiss' attack to 36
-Increase Bagnadrana's HP to 500, 2x attack, increase defense to 60
-Increase Search Crown's Ice to 120%, increase attack to 25
-Increase Spencer's attack by 2x
-Double damage CMD.Grand Horn does
-Increase Scrutin Eye's magic attack to 10
-Double damage Jenova Birth does
-Double damage that Beachplug does with Ice, 3x attack
-Make Harpy a very rare encounter
-Put the Sand Worm encounter if you drive the Buggy through the desert, double Sand Worm's damage
-Add Ho-chu to Ancient Forest
-Increase Velcher Task's attack to 75
-Double Grand Horn's attack power
-Increase Nibel Wolf's attack to 70
-Increase Kyuvilduns's attack to 58
-Increase Ancient Dragon's attack to 75
-Increase Under Lizard's attack to 80, add as encounter in forest around Temple
-Add Kelzmelzer to the forest around the Temple
-Increase Boundfat's attack to 65
-Increase Bandersnatch attack to 88
-Increase Malldancer's attack to 91
-Increase Heg's attack to 66, Increase magic defense to 70
-Increase Stinger's regular attack by 50% except for Sting Bomb
-Double Golem's defense
-Increase Dual Horn's attack to 98
-Bomb : Ice & Water 200%
-Make Heavy Tank a very rare enemy, add Bullmotors and Death Claws, also add Death Machine and Scrutin Eye
-Add Battery Cap to more forests around Rocket Town
-Add Diver Nest to beach areas on islands that require the highwind to get to, increase attack to 100
-Increase attack power by Gun Carrier by 2x
-Make Ghost Ship a very rare encounter
-Increase attack power of all Shinra soldiers after Midgar from 50%-200%, actually 2.5x machine gun % 2.5 atk. should do that
-Increase Shred's defense to 86
-Increase Jumping's Fire to 200%
-Increase damage of enemies by Mideel by 50%
-Increase damage done by enemies in Great Glacier and Glacier Caves by 50% except for the Giant Spiders
-Increase damage done by enemies in Midgar during Disc 2 by 50% except for Flare
-Double attack power for enemies in Ancient Forest
-Add Blue Dragon to all the Glacier caves, but less common in other areas besides the healing spring
-Give Jenova Death the Death attack which is rarely used, make Tropic Wind do 100-200 MP damage to all allies
-Increase Lifeform-Hojo N attack to 200
-Increase Midgar Zolom's EXP to about as much as Jenova Birth's
-Add Serpent to the hallways of the underwater airship because its easier, double its damage
-Increase Senior Grunt's attack to 150
-Double/Triple Proud Cloud's damage
-4x attack power for Scissors and 2x damage for all Crater enemy's except for Tonberry and Black Dragon's Ultima
-In the final Crater: Increase both enemy physical and magical defense by 75% except for Tonberry
-Make the tiny egg encounter very rare in the Crater swamp, don't increase their stats
-Increase Allemagne's attack to 210
-Don't add an Ice Lady random encounter (like Snow Queen) with another enemy, add her alone and make her encounter very rare
-Give Pollensalta Fire 3 and Ice 3, no Cold Breath, 2x magic attack, use Angel Whisper w/out minip., rarely appear in swamp area
-Jenova∙SYNTHESIS : give 300 attack, 100 defense, 180 magic defense
-Triple damage done by Bizarro∙Sephiroth, double HP for body parts except for Main Body
-Safer Sephiroth: increase Wind to 200%

--------Other Mod Requests--------

New Idea : Aeris' Death
-Add Terra from FF6 as the third secret character after Aeris dies, require both secret characters to find
-Find her in the other house at Corel Valley just after beating Jenova Life, only one chance
-She uses Aeris weapons and Limit Breaks
-She cannot go to Midgar at Disc 2, she doesn't appear in the highwind
-She replaces Aeris sprite from the Aeris patch
-Re-add Aeris weapons to stores if you recruit her
-Character replacement for Scarlet mod
-Same stats as Aeris
-9 Characters against Bizzaro Sephiroth

Other requests : Chocobo minigame
-Replace Gold Chocobo with White Chocobo
-Add Red Chocobo which is breed between two Wonderful Yellow Chocobo with the same nut needed for Gold
-Red Chocobo is better at racing because it races like a Black Chocobo > it travels the same as Yellow
-Purple Chocobo that can cross deep water, needed to breed with a Black for White using same nut needed for gold
-Purple Chocobo is bread by mating Blue with Red using the same nut needed for gold
-Change player's Blue Chocobo to the one at the race track which is darker and less green
-Green Chocobo and Pink Chocobo switch places so Pink is taken out if you are racing

Graphics Mod : the need improvement
-Give lego shaped hands to human sprites
-Give Pollensalta the "Slap" skill like Unknown 3, Caress instead of fascination (confuse), like Unknown 3's "Creepy Touch"

-Yuffie's theme stops playing after the battle with Yuffie
-Poor Chocobo instead of Wonderful Chocobo at the northern continent
-Missing texture on the door at Junon, the one in the town below the city with the cannon
-The CPR minigame is bugged and i rarely succeed after i did it perfectly so many times

That would make it a lot better.

Graphical Modding / Mod Request : Lego-shaped Hand Mod
« on: 2017-10-31 23:04:49 »
Mod Request : Lego-shaped Hand Mod

There used to be an old mod that replaces those black hands with lego shaped hands which made the character sprites look a lot better. It shouldn't be hard to replace right? Do modders for this game still exist?

Troubleshooting / Yuffie's theme in Yuffie's scene
« on: 2017-10-31 22:58:38 »
For some reason for me, and a lot of people on Youtube who play the PC version : Yuffie's theme doesn't play and the game plays the Fort Condor theme instead. This is after the fight with Yuffie.

Also, there seems to be a missing texture on the floor of the door at Junon.

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