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Audio Modding / Final Fantasy IX PC Complete Sounds Fix
« on: 2019-04-19 05:29:07 »

This re-release of the sounds fix mod fixes all the sounds and audio compression in Final Fantasy IX (PC).

Among the fixes are:

Sound Effects:
-Every sound effect is physically replaced with their correct, PSX counterpart.
Audio compression
-Sets the Audio Sampling Rate to 44100hz and removes the compression on BGM.
Enemy Death SFX:
-Returns every enemy's death sfxs battle cry as it was in PSX.

Some cosmetic fixes such as:
-Reflect sfx
-Jump and Summon Sfxs.
-Swd Art Spell: Shock and Tetra Master SFX fixes.

It is compatible with any and all mods (and modding tools [Hades Workshop]) for FF9 including: Alternate Fantasy, Memoria, and FF9 Ascension.

(It is not compatible with FF9 Type-0, however).

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Final Fantasy IX: Ascension
« on: 2019-04-13 14:31:36 »
Mod Status
100% - Completed. No changes or revisions coming.

What are the modifications?
Strictly scenaristical. This mod starts a New Game at completely different locations, with that said, any saves from any other mod not FF9: Ascension is not compatible. Saving in FF9: Ascension is strictly auto-saves as there are no save moogles anywhere. The gameplay is choosable in this entry. You can use Alternate Fantasy, FF9: Type-0, even Memoria for gameplay with this.

Final Fantasy IX: Ascension and takes focus on the events after the ending of Final Fantasy IX; following the rise of strange beasts breeding within Quan's Dwelling and the mysterious shrine that lies within.
FF9: Ascension was brought to light in its first, completed form after the discovery of abandoned files for FF9: The After Years (JP). The (US) version of it is forever gone; resulting in this translation and improvement. This entry does not feature any new models, and has very little random encounters and boss battles.

Join the era tool discord for updates on era tool's progress, and help/questions assistance on the 3 mods Final Fantasy IX: Ascension, Final Fantasy IX Type-0 and Facing Fate: The Zodiac Era.

Final Fantasy: Epoch production is in the works! Since the making of FFXII: The Zodiac Era, the standalone game combing all three mod stories (FFIV:TAY: The Beginning, FF9: The Zodiac Age and FFXII: The Zodiac Era) as one. Read all the details here and support the project!
Follow on twtter for updates on the game's progress.

Gameplay Modding / Modding for an undeserving community?
« on: 2018-08-29 03:01:05 »
after the recent spur of mods lately i was thinking, then again, why do a ff9 remaster? does the modding community deserve it? I debate whether or not any hard work should be invested into it consider the recent behavior of the community. So now I ask do yourself believe the community really deserves a project of such hard work to given to them?
I and other members could spend a (already have) a good year+ working on this for the community for the love ff9, and no one would even give a two shits because of what reason? I'm involved with the project because of my hard work yet it gets overlooked because of whatever reason you have from my style? I'd like to hear this from the community before potentially wasting any time here proceeding. Because it is being worked on no doubt, and I'm putting a lot of time into it than have ever with any other project, all for free, i don't ask anything donations nothing in return, just kindness~all to go to waste. So I ask you all is the community's worthy of a grand project such as this?

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Final Fantasy IX Type-0
« on: 2018-08-22 23:55:08 »

What are the modifications?
A lot of them. Most are gameplay related but a few of them are also scenaristical.

-Majority of dialog have been alternated to fit the new scenario of the game; whilst some vanilla re retain par their fit.
-Despite the large storyline; the game does not entail a new game entirely. You still will play through original game scenarios as usual but with added scenes to do on the side.

The main game of FF9 Type-0 includes all the Hidden Scenes + Beatrix's Scenes and recruitment as in Alternate Fantasy and also includes the permanent recruitment of the Tantalus Members: Cinna, Blank and Marcus. It also includes over 30 new scenes to the game to do on the side and has recently introduced 5 extra DLCs to the game. It also as its own Battle UI fix, sounds fix, voiceovers, Character HP break limits (Character can achieve over 9999 HP, useful for the over 25 new bosses) damage break limits and temp characters (Tantalus + Beatrix) allowed abilities and Trance Commands. Final Fantasy IX Type-0 follows the events of Quaternary 2017 and takes setting in Holocene Era 1800 with two extremely detailed models (replacing Zidane and Dagger) Nyx as the protagonist (Replacing Zidane Tribal) and Rydia (replacing Garnet [Dagger]) as the deuteragonist par the Zodiac Trilogy timeline.

Changes for the player's abilities:



Retained some previous skills.
10,000 Needles skill added.

Gil Toss
Greater Barrier (Shell, Protect, Regen, Haste - all allies)
Shockwave - (Magic attack)
Soul Crusher


Black Magic/Focus

Black Magic/Focus

Black Magic:
Aeroga (Heavy Wind damage)
Scourge (Heavy Non-elemental damage with 70% accuracy to Sap/Poison
Toxify (Sap & Poison status 100%)
Scathe (Ultimate black magic) are among the abilities added.

Summoning makes a return, and focusing on the intensive black and arcane magic.

Summon/Black Magic

High Summoner/Black Magic

Arcane Magic:

Abilities remain the same, few additions/changes.

Returns Dragon Knight with Spear & Lance. Jump Command returns, doing double damage.


Aerial Pierce/Dragoon

Aerial Pierce - Jump Attack, deals double damage.

Reis' Aero
Pulsar Wave
Dragon's Crest have been added.
Aerial Pierce:
Trance-Spear returns, dealing more damage by hitting targets twice.

One of the characters having the most come back. In the original, there weren't hardly any skills to make the player want to use Quina. Blue Magic returns, except the Eat command which is the ability, skills are learned through equipment as the other party allies.
Quina also shares the Jump skill as Freya, formally named "Jolt".

Blue Magic/Jump

Blue Magic/Aerial Pierce

Blue Magic:
Contains a variety of elemental and enemy magic for a more all around versatile character in battle.

Another character with a good comeback. In the original, Eiko only could use a few basic skills such as Scan and a couple buffs (Shellga, Protectga). Summoning returns for Eiko. She gains most of all the white magic this time around, whilst Dagger obtains all the Black Magic, above Vivi's tier.

Summon/White Magic

High Summoner/Double White
Variety of Eidolon and Esper summons have been added:

Among them are:
Vortex Fenrir

High Summoner:
Same as the Eidolon trance command, summons recurring Eidolons only when Rydia is present in the same party and is at her trance respectively.

Another improved character. In original, way at the start, Amarant had no abilities at all because of limits, and was by far the most unwanted character.
His native skills are the time magic, and he keeps his throw command.

Throw/Time Magic
Throw/Double Time
Time Magic:
Obtains all the time magic abilities.
Double Time:
Use Time Magic twice.

Remains the same as before, with all white magic able to be learned, and perma-trance command.

White Magic/Double White

Double White:
Player can choose freely to either use Dbl Wht twice, or stay traditional with single turns.

A final comeback with no chance of leaving. Returning to her roots of paladin knight skills, she's returns as a renowned strong character.

Knight Tier II
Souleater (Massive, double strike damage) are added.

-------------------------------Rare Treasures---------------------------------
>Zodiac Spear has a 15% chance to spawn in Fossil Roo and is a rare chest in Alexandria Disc 3/4. Once found, the chest will always contain the Zodiac Spear.
>Glaive is a rare chest and can be found in Alexandria Disc 3/4 with a 15% chance to spawn. Once found, the chest will always contain Glaive.
>Ribbon, is a rare chest and can be found in Daguerreo with a 15% chance to spawn. Once found, the chest will always contain the Ribbon.
>Leopard, is a rare chest found in the residences of Burmecia with a 15% chance to spawn. Once found, the chest will always contain the Leopard Racket.
>You can obtain more than one of these rare chests.

DLC #1- Nyx's Shadow

DLC #2- The Mother of Carrière

DLC #3- Mysterious Girl in the Forest

DLC #4- Forgone Sari

DLC #5- Woman in Flight

DLC01 - Nyx's Shadow (OUT NOW)
DLC02 - The Mother of Carrière (OUT NOW)
DLC03 - Mysterious Girl in the Forest (OUT NOW)
DLC04 - Forgone Sari (OUT NOW)
DLC05 - Woman in Flight (OUT NOW IN MAIN GAME)

This mod is the New Game+ (sequel) to it's predecessor: Final Fantasy IX: The Zodiac Age & Final Fantasy IX: The Zodiac Age Definitive Edition.
This mod returns vanilla characters except for Steiner R. (Steiner Slot) and Luke (Cinna slot).[/b]
The mod is not long, as it's New Game and End game follow a different route through FF9 locations.
Gameplay in the mod is relatively the same as it's predecessor in terms of mechanics. The notable difference is, the player is put in a seclusive, strategic situation where you'll have to use what's given to you to be able to grow your characters strong and proceed through the game. A lot of time has gone into insuring this type of difficulty remains balanced for the player to have a solid, smooth advantage.
Vanilla characters are recruitable in this mod.
The player could choose not to recruit such characters for the price of harder difficulty.

Support Abilities:
Only a few are available. Support abilities not included are:

Due to this mod's indifferent New Game state, any savegames from the vanilla version, Alternate Fantasy, FF9: The Zodiac Age, or any other mod including Memoria are not compatible. Using such incompatible savegame may render numerous bugs and glitches, game freezes and soft-locks.
There are no save points in this mod. Instead, your progress is relied on autosave. Take precaution with your Lv. grinding and always have a strategy in mind in case a battle may not rule in your favor.
This mod initially started in 2017, but was put on hold for FF9: The Zodiac Age's extra story construction.

2 weeks after the nightmare of the prime target ended, another soul is plagued with similar nightmares as the previous embodiment.

The Interdimensional Elevator, now fully secreted, remains unsullied. Those unfitting victims have returned to their rightful place, yet the era of Gaia that once was Holocene of 1800 is now rigid and invariable. Time flows differently in the world of Gaia now, due to the Maenads' wicked intentions.
As Queen Garnet of Alexandria rests her throne, the remaining judges of Gaia seek out the mysterious of their land, in search for an answer. Yet the one lost soul now plagued with nightmares, is now ensnared.
And the darkness remaining in your heart will project onto reality.


FF9 Gameplay Releases / Final Fantasy IX Battle UI Fix
« on: 2018-06-15 09:16:52 »
Migrated FF9_TYPE-0

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