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General Discussion / List of FF7 Challenges.
« on: 2018-09-04 23:45:15 »
I've been trying to compile as many ff7 Challenges as i can and here is the list. First however, they will be sorted into 3 categorys: Mods, Custom, and Vanilla. Mods are challenges that are impossible to do without a patch for FF7 (New Threat Mod, Nightmare mod). Custom Challenges on the other hand can be done with black chocobo, or any other game data editor(Jenova, Ochu). Finally Vanilla challenges are challenges that can be done on any version of the game, without any 3rd party programs (No black chocobo, game shark, ochu, mods, etc.).

Challenges that are not listed i either: Forgot, Didn't see a big enough difficulty difference to include, or change very little overall.

Reasonable Difficulty Mod
   Slightly changes 99.9% of encounters to create a slightly more difficult and challenging experience overall.

New Threat Mod
   Completely removes most annoying parts in the game as well as adding a huge amount of content and increasing the difficulty to enrich the game. 
Hardcore Mod
   Keeps the Original FF7 feel, but makes the game much harder.   

   Fixes all your stats to 1, and lowers your hp/mp, but as a silver lining gives you access every accessory and armor in the game, and 1 of each materia (excluding summons) along with other tweaks to make the mod more fun/intuitive.
True Necrosis Mod
   Every Character starts with 9999 health, 999 mp, and cannot heal. This creates a challenge where you must spread your hp and mp out throughout the entire game, and making sacrafices, so that you can beat sephiroth without ever healing.

Lost Wing Mod
   A large gameplay mod that changes everything from the difficulty (of course) to the spell names. It is described as moderately difficult until the huge materia quests, then transcends into a mod so unbalanced that hacking in every item/materia is encouraged.
Nightmare Mod
   A difficulty mod discontinued after disc 2 that seems to have had the goal to make a mod so difficult that playing the damn thing is annoying.

Level 1 Mod
   Every character is level one, and cannot gain XP.

Custom Challenges:

Curse Ring Challenge
   Every character starts with a curse ring and cannot remove the accessory at any time. (Set it up with Black Chocobo or Jenova)

Hp <-> Mp Challenge
   Every character has the Hp<->Mp Materia equipped at all times, and cannot remove it. (Set it up with Black Chocobo or Jenova)

Level 99 Enemies Challenge
   Every enemy is L99, which increases almost every stat from evasion to damage to critical hits.

1OEDDI Challenge (1 of every damage dealing item Challenge)
  I made this challenge up, and the point is to see how far you can get while only being able to use these items: To set this up use Black Chocobo or Jenova. You can sell anything, and use the magic tab outside of battle, but you can only deal damage with Those items. (tell me if you have a better acronym)

Vanilla Challenges:
Most are listed here:
Although some are not, such as:

Limits Only
  You can only use limits.

Necrosis' MO Challenge
  Quote from sega cheif's description: Challenge Conditions
-) No Items
-) Initial Equipment
-) No Accessories
-) No Physical Attacks/Limits
-) No Non-Mandatory Inns
-) Allowed Materia List:

Tell me what i missed, and my apologies for any bad sentence structure or misspelled words.

Gameplay / Help installing the nightmare mod
« on: 2018-08-02 05:37:39 »
So i believe i found the nightmare mod core files on  ;D
and i have no idea how to install this on 7th heaven or straight on the steam ff7.  >:(
also i cannot launch it straight from the ff7.exe because it "please insert ff7 disc 1,2, or 3"  :-P

Gameplay / FF7 nightmare mod Links dead.
« on: 2018-07-24 23:17:39 »
Is anyone able to upload the files for the FF7 Nightmare mod?

Gameplay / Mod idea for ff7, would it be possible?
« on: 2018-05-30 23:47:56 »
Pretty much my idea is that if a character dies, there is no way to revive them, and if you lose a battle, or try to leave mid-battle to save your character's life, the save file is deleted.

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