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Troubleshooting / please help
« on: 2018-06-03 16:25:40 »
 doomtrain , ifrit , quetzacolt none of those three tools are compatible with the steam version of final fantasy 8 , i check that out now :\ , i hope someone will make them compatible with the steam version

Gameplay Modding / FF8 steam editor request
« on: 2018-05-30 18:36:37 »
hi there , please remember that there aren't only the "pro" gamer out there , is see many mods to make the game harder , but i don't see anything for people who like to mod the game in order to make it more easy and become ultra strong :\ , something like hadesworkshop for final fantasy 9 : something that can satsfy the needs of both kind of gamers , not everyone like to get hysterical when they play a game , and none like to be extra strong and so on and so for it :D , in case someone's is wondering , i am probably the only one who openly talk about this because appearently it require courage to say that you don't like to have hard time in a video game and prefer to have extra easy life instead , well for me isn't a problem , after all we are talking about video games , not some sort of auto-punitive pilgrimage or a bdsm session XD

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