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Gameplay / Final Fantasy VII Limit Breaks Mod
« on: 2019-04-18 05:28:09 »
Is it possible to mod the limit breaks so do not have to set them in order for them to be used in battle? Where all of the limit breaks that you've unlock will be available during battle. It is kinda annoying that when you are on the end game you only have one limit for level 4 and in order for you to use the other limits that you've unlock you need to set them manually in the menu.

7th Heaven / Final Fantasy VII with mods loading issue
« on: 2019-04-16 16:45:59 »
Hi! I am an avid fan of this site since this keeps my favorite video game so alive which is Final Fantasy VII. I am have been using several mods specially 7th heaven to make the game run beautiful however I noticed that I am experiencing an issue at the moment. It seems that every-time that I go in and out of a section or screen like going inside a house or leaving a town, I'm experience a long wait or in the ps1 days "long loading times". I am also experiencing this every-time I go into battles there will be a short freeze while the camera pans down. I don't know if this is normal because I have so many mods installed and activated like some texture mods that I am thinking might be causing the issue. I just want to know if there are some workaround for this and any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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