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i am using the 7h Mod Manager and New Threat. I read there was a 9999 damage cap patcher for vanilla. I found this thread which notes the offsets.

What does the vanilla patcher do? Does the patcher just change the offsets in the .exe? Many gameplay mods have their own .exe like New Threat. The creater of New Threat said these offsets should be the same in his mod. So would the patcher work in New Threat? Does someone have this patcher, so i can try? Or can give me a advise how i can break 9999 damage cap in an already modded .exe? I found this threat too

but i never edited the offsets in any .exe manually. Make it any sense to do this or will be the time consumption to high and i should just forget it and play with the 9999 cap?

Edit: Question is done. thread can be closed. Today the creater of New Threat realised a iro files, which work with the standard .exe. Now 7 Heaven can run New Threat + Reunion R03e, which contains the 9999 damage break.

7th Heaven / Speedup Loadtimes Upscale Mods
« on: 2019-05-16 17:20:03 »

i use the following mods

- New Threat
- Chaos
- SYW V3 upscale: Battle, world map, fields

I meassured the loading times when i enter Nibelheim from the World Map and when i enter the World Map from Nibelheim

Nibelheim -> World = 9 sec
World -> Nibelheim = 11 sec

When i turn the mods off

Nibelheim -> World = 2 sec
World -> Nibelheim = 1,3 sec

The time incrase is probably due to the upscales mods. The game and the Mod Manager are installed on a SSD.

Is there a way to speedup the loading without losing quality?

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