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Hey guys. You know browising a few days ago through the forums i found this thread about a mod that brought Gemesis' sword from Crisis Core to FF7 and as far as I remember it turned out to not be a rip of anywhere, just that it was so good that it looked like the one from some other mod about... jedis. I tried downloading it that day but turned out that the download link was dead u.u Now I would like to ask if someone has a mirror of that or if they know of any other way I could get that sword? I would really like to use it to replace Cloud's Ragnarok. I like that weapon's design since the first time I played Crisis Core, any help, please?

7thHeaven / Weapon Model Mods
« on: 2019-05-18 23:26:39 »
Hello there guys. Yes I know I'm oppening another thread for the same thing as I oppened one for Red XIII weapons that thanks to your help I could get weapons for his model in battle :D

Anyways I realized, thanks to Battle Models - Weapons, I got half the main Characters' Weapons remodeled so I wanted to ask if you could point me to any mod that has not an empty link or is not on a site where you need to register to see the mods and the site has registration restricted, I'm looking for mods for weapon models for Barret, Tifa, Vincent and Cid, I got all the others already thanks to the mod on 7H Catalog.

Thanks before hand for the help ^^

7thHeaven / Rendering Weapons for Red XIII in battle mod
« on: 2019-05-17 19:18:33 »
Hello guys! :) I was wondering... I also tryed to look around google and such but found nothing at all. Is there a mod around that adds models for Red XII weapons? and since I'm asking this are there any mods for all characters Weapon models? since in the actual version of the /yh Heaven Catalog the Battle Models for the Weapons only cover Cloud, Aerith, Sefiroth and Yuffie, but I would like to see Red XIXX weapons since it's one of the characters that's always in my party and also have better looking weapons for all Characters except for the ones I just mentioned.

this is personal but if it can be an iro file that I can import it would be better for me, or that I can easily convert into an IRO with the 7th Heaven tool.

Thank you beforehand guys ^^ you are all awesome ^^

Ok, first of all I'm new, and I'm sorry I know there is a post about this somewhere but 1. I can't find it to quote it, and 2. I don't wanna do necro so here ti goes.

I've recently decided to install 7th Heaven to have a better way to put and remove mods from my Final Fantasy VII instalation without having to reinstall every time. So I installed it, got it to work and imported the most updated version of New Threat, then I saw a few mods that gave better looking field items and weapons ingame and decided to try them out. Then I came across this very cool remodel mod for the weapons in the catalog, which is the one i name on the title of this post and download it and install it. Check the configuration to see if there are diferent models to chose and I find sets for various characters which is great :D and then i get to Cloud and his weapons and find this option that sais "Millenia + Mike" and I see the buster sword and I like, and I see the Ăšltima Weapon and I love it! However! when I chose this option i get Buster Sword form Millenia and the Ultima Weapon... well...

I looked up the mod and found it, downloaded it and it said it was compatible, but that it needed both Aali Driver and Team Avalanche 2D Overhaul to work. Perhaps it is because i need this last addition to make it work propperly and give me the buster sword and Ultima Sword I want for Cloud? please help


Ok guys I fixed the issue of the white textures, however good Alyz pointed me another problem with Kaldarasha's model. I redid the IRO file again, but I could not fix the problem with Kaldarasha's Model. However I discovered the issue and added a txt explaining how to fix if you wanna use this weapons with his awesome Cloud model, here's the download link of the fixed IRO: -link removed for update-


Ok I managed to fix the whole problem, I've managed to make all the weapons work with Kaldarasha's model and with all the other models as well. I've checked everything personaly one by one each option on both Battle Models - Main Chracters and Battle Models - Weapons and finally made it work and here is the fixed iro of the mod.!puoylKYB!1abHm_19blfoIaw_gZnrd7YHRe63pMgnfIaHCE770ao

Just gonna say tho, all weapon models need the file "rtaa" to work properly, this file should be able to adapt to any character model. to make it work without breaking Kaldaraha's Model you gotta take that model's "rtaa" file and place it in the weapon's models folder, ovewriting the original rtaa, Cloud's model shouldn't be affected if you are not using Kaldarasha's model and the weapons should keep working as they should, again, no matter what model is used, seems like the link between model and texture is stored in the rtaa file, and depending on the mod the textures are saved on the "rtaf" file (of course, all of this is going around cloud's model, hence I'm naming "rtxx" files... anyways! I'll stop ranting here I'm just happy I managed to make this work.

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