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Hello, i've finally gotten Tifas 7th Heaven to work  properly, but the resolution in the game is not good - it's blurry! I've followed the guide by Eq2Alyza and i've tried changing the openGL settings in the catalog but the resolution still refuses to become better. I do also get an error-message with the postprocessing and sound if trying to use the modified alternatives.

Anyone knows how to increase the resolution? I believe i had a much higher resolution in the past, but it would seem now all start-ups of FF7 ends in this blurry resolution.

Bootleg had a much higher res, but now even Bootleg has a lower  res.. And for some reason 7th Heaven went from working to not working.

Edit: 7th Heaven works again, it stoped working when i used my modified char.lgp-file.

However, the resolution is really low - it used to be much better in the past?

Hello, looking at the Tifa's Seventh Heaven page there was a Sephiroth Story mod in the past, but it isn't in the catalog now - i need this file to be able to test that mod. I already have the .exe-files but not the IRO. Thanks

PS: Genesis063 is the creator.

Hello, when converting the Rufus Alad-model to Clouds model - the model for Cloud/Rufus also becomes a bugged version of the Cloud-model. When adding the Rufus-files again - the Rufus npc becomes a bugged version of the npc Rufus.

Before i added the Cloud files however, the NPC Rufus model worked fine together with the playable Rufus model - but somehow i can't add the Cloud-Rufus without also changing the other model?

They seem to share some .p files? How can i avoid turning both models into different ones?

Hello, i do want the raw-material like the HCR-files etc out of some IRO-arhives - how do i extract them?

Is there a program to "UN-RAR" IRO-archives?

Hello, i am replacing characters with other characters and have also begun replacing the animations for some of them. For my Scarlet character it was very easy to get a hand on her original field animations. However, the running animations for Aerith doesn't exist in the same place as Aeriths other animations. And when reading up on stuff i read that some characters share animations. Anyone knows the name of the animations for Aerith and others who share them?

I have Scarlets running animation but i don't know wich one to replace. Also, Dyne seems to share animations too. It's a hard thing finding it amongst 4000 different animation files. I really do hope there is a list somewhere?

I have started a project that aims at making the characters of the Shinra the main characters. If anyone has a complete Rufus version with all his files i would very much want that model. It's hard to get his extra .P-files on his character.

I have already made one unique character playable. He/she may not be new in the field but is new in battle!

Yes, i converted a field model into a battle model! And it wasn't the blocky field models but the better ones.

I would really appreciate it if i could get some Shinra characters that looks exactly like the enemies you face. Without lost files. I managed to make one with all his or hers files.

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