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Q-Gears / Q-Gears is alive and well
« on: 2007-03-19 10:47:40 »

Hi guys,

I can't believe how much trouble I am having finding the answer to these questions:

1. How to I get the location of the users home dir (or even their user name)
2. How to I check for the existence of a certain directory?
3. Which C++ library is the standard for the above tasks?

If any of you guys here can help I would be very grateful.

Thanks for reading this!  :mrgreen:

Hi everyone,

I find this forum fascinating and I'm often inspired by all of your efforts. The Q-gears project is a fantastic idea and has inspired me to start hacking games.

I'm a PHP programmer by trade and I love my work, but I would love to get my hands dirty with some C++ and crack into a game. I learned C++ quite a while back so my first port of call is a refresher day on the language (Gonna get my books out).

Ultimately I would love to code a replacement engine for some of my old windows favourites such as Starcraft or Blade Runner (I use Linux exclusively now), but I am fully aware of the fact that this is firmly out of my reach.

I was hoping you guys would be able to point me to the starting line and post any articles or sites you found useful when you were starting out, or possibly share some stories from your early days with me?

Thanks for taking the time out to read this post, I'll look forward to any replies.  :mrgreen:

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