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I have this old saves from ff8 which what you already know, all 60 slots used. 30 for each save folder. Any efficient way to batch convert it? Hyne can do it 1 by one by, it will take me like... I don't know... forever.

General Discussion / I think we need a mod manager.
« on: 2013-07-06 00:16:46 »
Skyrim had a mod manager and its easier to install and uninstall/delete mods and also updates rather that copy this to this folder and then this to another folder. Of course, modding requires you to browse folders and files in different locations. Well there are only few mods in FF7 and FF8 not like skyrim with like what, a whole bunch of it. Installing mods are fairly easy. Bootleg has its own installer package and I think its the only one closest to a mod manager but its more like an installer. Is it possible to have a mod manager?

General Discussion / There is a FF7PC re-release 2012
« on: 2012-11-10 21:41:19 »
what's the difference between the old pc version and the new pc version? :-o

Troubleshooting / FF8PC not playing eyes on me.
« on: 2012-04-29 03:17:40 »
I'm replaying this game and I forgot for so many years to ask it into this forums. Although there was another post like this years ago but my machine runs on windows 7 x64. I'm using an iso so I can mount the disk without using the cd drive. I tried to play disk 3 on windows media player and it plays eyes on me on track 1, but during the game it does not. Any solution?

I'm using Daemon tools pro for mounting. Maybe there is something to do with the image drive, DT adapter is enabled while SCSI and IDE are disabled on my daemon tools. I don't want to touch this setting.

Gameplay / changing FF8.exe
« on: 2011-12-31 14:34:31 »
back then I downloaded something that you cannot die on battle and any damage like 9999 will leave you 1HP. I wanted to have that file again. I think it was like in angelfire or geocities but the site is gone for good (that's like 10 years ago). google can only find ultimacia.exe (I know). I need the 1hp to make a video of different style of renzokuken.


finding what hex code should be an alternative...

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