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Troubleshooting / Yet another Battle-Crash in FF7
« on: 2007-04-08 15:12:44 »
Hallo there,
first of all, I'm quite impressed how people still work on this lovely game. I'm also impressed by what they so far created. Keep it up!

Now to my problem.
I haven't found anything in the forums other than the Battle-Swirl problem. But it doesn't seem to be it.
The Games crashed in the very first battle, but after the swirl. That means, when it fades into the battle itself. I can see a little of the blue boxes but before it is fully in the battle it crashes.
My OS is Vista U 64.. But I don't think that is the problem... I just don't know what is causing this.
I tried modifiying the Exe-File with an hex-editor, as I read here on the forums to solve the battleswirl thingy, but it didn't do as it should, obviously (although I had quite a psychedelic battle swirl *grin*)

I hope it can be solved. After watching Advent Children again, I can't wait to beat the game with all those improvements!

thanks in advance


Edit: Sorry.. I forgot to tell you guy what installation etc... It's the full installation and I added all the mods stated here:

1. ff7 v1.02 official patch
 2. The SaiNt's High Res FF7PC Patch v1.00  (with integrated Jedwin's chocobo patch)  by SaiNt
 3. YAMP - Yet Another Multi-Patcher  by dziugo
 4. Higher quality Cloud mod  by Dreakon
 5.a) FF7PC Hand Patch mod v01.6  by Srethron Askvelhtnod
 5.b) NPC Reconstruction Project for FF7PC 0.6 mod  by Borde + ice_cold513 + Stormmedia
 6. New Spell Patch  by zero88
 7. Advent Avatars mod  by Wuz
 8.1 ff7music v1.51  by ficedula  (100% working as it is)
 8.2 ff7_lessdebug  by Aali  (usable with ff7music)

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