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Archive / Hardcore Mode, revivified
« on: 2007-06-17 15:44:23 »
So... I've played through FF7 many times, and browsed through and edited some walkthroughs, but hell: hardcore patches! this kinda got me back into the game. :D

Well, AFAIK gone_away has gone away, so we're pretty left to ourselves now. Though, Elentor and The Skillster did awesome work in developping the hardcore patch v0.40

The question I'm asking myself is about the potential "problem which causes battles to become out of order". What does that mean? Is it that there's a chance to encounter Ruby earlier in the game? or such hardcore monster, that there's no chance to beat, given the low level of the party?

gone_away also interpret the bugs of the v0.40 mod he released as "un-noticable". Being the case, I'd play right now. But if there are chances, like the report of encountering though enemies right from disc 1, as was the case for someone who modified the scene.bin file after having begun the game, that's... although, the latter bug might have been caused by the latter action of his.

You're all welcome dropping by a reply on this, or just sharing yours thoughts on the subject. :-D

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