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Archive / HI RES Bike & Other Transport MOD?
« on: 2008-06-18 17:20:15 »
As you know,after American release of FF7,Squaresoft re-released Final Fantasy 7 in Japan as Final Fanatsy 7 International.It included BONUS CD with encyclopedia about FF7 world.
There was a model viwer of different transport machine/devices such as Bike/Tiny Bronko/Buggi/Highwind/Submarine and other.

All these model has pretty high quality as compared to those we had in game(Bike race for example)
So i thought meybe somebody will be interested to RIP & use (if it possible :?) these models in PRP or some other mod

I tried to RIP them by myself(using ePSXe emulator and 3d ripper) but i don't have great RIP/3d modeler/texturing experience :cry:
I know that there are many people on these forum that want to make FF7 better that it was, so try this idea if you interested

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