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General discussion / FF Tactics: Advance
« on: 2003-04-16 07:11:10 »
Played? I hate the law system and the recycled sprites from FFT. Overall, it's a good and addictive game.

General discussion / Rikku in bikini
« on: 2002-12-30 04:47:16 »
So, no one saw it yet. Forget Tifa. Rikku is hotter.

General discussion / uncanny resemblance...
« on: 2002-07-26 07:37:30 »

Here's the orginal Siren from Devilman. Dosen't it have an uncanny resemblance (except for the claws) to that one in FF8?

Anyways, Hirobu Sakaguchi plagarised Siren in FF5 which is actually from Devilman (Siren is the evil character in both)

Any more uncanny resemblance?

Well, it was the funniest joke about crashing computers since Win98 crashed right in front of Bill Gate's face.

And now...PlayOnline's server crashes!!! Barely 24 hours after the release, and having invalid serials!!!! Wonder what OS was the server? Win98? As far as I know, other online game servers can handle more users than that...

Square derserves this for not releasing FF9 & 10 for PC.

What's your comments?

General discussion / Final Fantasy 11:Beta version
« on: 2002-04-19 17:43:00 »
The Authenic working beta version of FFXI

Main Page
My View: Squares online version of Lord Of The Rings.

General discussion / FF8 Tatics...
« on: 2002-03-30 06:52:00 »
Can anyone here post FF8-related tatics here?

Here's mine:
For Boko in Chocobo world to get the most items, let him wander freely in the map. that way, he automatically encounters more cactuars, moombas and monsters he can handle.

General discussion / FF related question
« on: 2002-03-22 03:23:00 »
1) What is Nobuo Uematsu's first ever work for final fantasy?

2) Where can I encounter mabloros in disc 2 in FF8?

General discussion / Most liked/hated Square/RPG games
« on: 2002-02-22 11:12:00 »
Top most loved:
Seiken Desnsetsu 3

Most hated:
Dragon Quest (too complex)
Shougun: total war(too simple)

General discussion / No FFXPC (maybe) ....
« on: 2002-01-02 01:59:00 »
Lets hope that this is not true. In Square's site. FFX is "exclusive" for PS2, meaning, 50% chance that it will not be released for PC. Any comments?

General discussion / FF / Dragon Quest?
« on: 2002-01-02 01:23:00 »
My cousin came with a bag full of manga and I read Dragon Quest. I was quite suprised to find chocobos there. Actually, what is dragon quest and what are its diffrence between Final Fantasy?
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General discussion / My disaster...
« on: 2001-12-22 05:01:00 »
What happened yesterday....

5.34 AM : Computer reformat complete. Windows 98 SE CD in drive, intialising setup

5.35 AM: A very loud PRAK sound came. Computer not responding. Opened the CD drive. Cannot open fully. A piece of the CD came out(original version RM350 gone).

the whole day: left without a computer. Hurried to Low Yat Plaza (about 50Km away from my home and got an original version of windows XP Home ed (OEM). Installed it (Quite slow on my comp....)

The tragedy is that I miss windows 98 :cry: and my dad scolded me for buying XP as he thinks that I only use the computer to play games when I have to type stuff.

The best thing ~ Having windows XP. My nav couldnt install :cry:

Is that bad?

I remember VValentine saying that. Look!

General discussion / The crazy things I do....
« on: 2001-12-06 23:50:00 »
I'm in this board, while downloading FF8's patch and encoding an avi file into an mpg on a celeron 433 processor. Anyone more crazy than me?

Ok, for those who don't know the ending of ffx, this is it:

Tidus discovered that his father is Sin and fought him. He's very heartbroken. His dad got defeated, and dissapears. Auron dissapears too. Everyone goes back to the ship dock. All the Aeons have been resealed in their temples. Tidus starts becoming transparent. Yuna tries to embrace but she goes through him. Yuna's very sad. Tidus then wraps himself around Yuna. After that, he jumps down from the airship dock to join his dad, Auron and Seymour's dad? He tags his dad's hand.(Screen changes) Yuna and the others are in a stadium like the blitzball one, but no blitzball, and Yuna declares that everyone is free from Sin and everyone cheers. The End comes out.

Just post your comments here. But don't diss me please.

[EDIT] I only watched the VCDs that I said and I think that FFX is more empowering than FF8. Anyone who wants them can email me.

Darkness&Aaron: I didin't mean to put spoilers ! :weep:
[edited] 39 2001-12-03 23:38

As I was trying to download IE6 from an old backup after reformating my comp, that stupid Windows update reports errors after downloading task manager and ends the download. When I went to it's website for support, it forced me to join ms passport and then asked me to put the product ID of IE6. I ended up putting my comp's ID there, and since it's OEM version they refuse to give any support


Oh boy.......

From: [email protected] (Tzimon Yliaster)
Subject: WORKING: Undine Evocation
Date: Sun, 2 Oct 1994 02:42:46 GMT

The intent behind this ritual is the evocation of an Undine, which is an
elemental of watery elements.  It can be applied as easily to an
electronic sea as a watery one.  This working aims to create or draw an
unidine from water and send it off into the Digital Aethyr (another sort
of ocean altogether).

A body of water
A fire
Gold Circle Prophylactics (optional?)
Material to Sculpt into a Fetish

The Working:
1.  All line up before the fire, which should be built a good distance from
    the body of water (several yards at least).

1.5.  Each participant sticks a Gold Circle Prophylactic (still in its case)
      on their head, over the ajna-chakra.

2.  One of the participants shouts out "HUT!", and all charge at top speed
    to the body of water.

3.  Each participants cups some water in hir hands and then proceeds slowly
    back to the fire.  During this walk back, they should repeat a state-
    ment of intent, either mentally or aloud, along the lines of:
   "My will is to bring forth an undine and send it into the
   digital aethyr."

4.  If no water remains in the cupped hands, the participant returns and gets
    some more water, again and again, if needs be.

5.  Each in turn casts hir handful of water onto the fire, saying the
    statement of intent aloud.

6.  A fetish is made in the form of the undine, and a name given it.

6.5  While the fetish is being made, one or more of the participants may
     fill some vessel with water from the body of water used above, and
     sprinkle it upon the other participants, "blessing" them in the name
     of the evoked undine.

7.  Banish by laughter; if the Prophylactics are still stuck to everyone's
    foreheads, this will be relatively easy.

8.  Banish the material form of the fetish in a means appropriate to its
    composition.  For example, if the fetish has been made from sand, it
    can simply be left for the tide or wind to wash a way.  A wooden one
    should be burnt or fed to termites.

This working was performed on 9/30 by a small group of chaotes at Ocean
Beach in San Francisco.  The most noticeable effect until the present
moment was the conjuration of a large, drunken/stoned fellow named Cody,
and his silent friend.  Cody regailed said group of Chaotes with what
could only be described as "white noise".  However, there did seem to be
connection with members of the working group.  For example, Cody had, in
his own words, been "turned on to magick" by the book "Be Here Now" by
Ram Dass (same as yours truly).  He spent much of the evening regaling us
with non-gender specific "fart jokes" and disjointed statements about
Haiti, Wicca, Satanism, action movies, and other sounds far too
incoherent to describe here.  If there has *ever* been a human embodiment
of line noise, it was Cody.

The name of the Undine evoked in this case was Jeremy, the Holy Undine of
Wetness and Line Noise.  

From: [email protected] (Wednesday)
Date: 2 Oct 1994 15:10:27 -0500

You forgot the Will, the Wand, the Sacrament:

The Freshmaker.

>1.5.  Each participant sticks a Gold Circle Prophylactic (still in its case)
>      on their head, over the ajna-chakra.

Which fits nicely in between glasses and a hatbrim.

>7.  Banish by laughter; if the Prophylactics are still stuck to everyone's
>    foreheads, this will be relatively easy.

And you can burn (or boil) the sacrament.

>The name of the Undine evoked in this case was Jeremy, the Holy Undine of
>Wetness and Line Noise.  

Filk upcoming.
                 Jeremy crashed

General discussion / Nostalagic SNES game...
« on: 2001-11-23 02:17:00 »
Ever remembered Magical Drop 2? If you did, can anyone tell me what happened to data east?

General discussion / FFXPC - DVD or CD
« on: 2001-11-05 06:24:00 »
I wuz wunderin whether FFXPC wud bie ein DVD or CD RUM. Ah Waint yiour opinioun.

Whoops! What humiliation... :oops:

Anyways, what would u guys expect 4 FFXPC?

General discussion / FFXPC - DVD or CD
« on: 2001-11-05 06:15:00 »
I wuz wunderin whether FFXPC wud bie ein DVD or CD RUM. Ah Waint yiour opinioun.

Hey, is there anyone in this board who knows a real blk mag spell or two? If you think I'm joking, check out this site. Click here to get some blk/wht mag spells

Troubleshooting / Garden Compilation error......
« on: 2001-10-22 04:15:00 »
I can only conmpile it into .obj files but when I wanna compile it into exe, LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "nafxcwd.lib" comes out. Can anyone help or give me a compiled version on Garden? I know that this topic has came out many times, but I've forgotten it.

General discussion / Starcraft Discussion Thread...
« on: 2001-10-22 03:42:00 »
Finally, the exam's over!!!! I'm ordering a CD-RW and a Whore(Just joking :razz:(,well, blame it on the hormones).

Currently playing games:

Command and conqour: Red alert 2 Yuri's Revenge



Hey, for those of you living in Malaysia, if you notice FFX movies comes in boxed VCD sets with part one(3CDs) and part 2(2CDs). It even includes the chinise subtititle! The first part has a pic of yuna like the one in FFX game DVD and the second one has tidus looking over spira(Or is it?). Anyways, since Yuna(the one in the messageboard) wants those FFX movies so much, maybe she can come over here!!! :grin:

*Thanks god for making PMR so easy*

[edited] 39 2001-12-06 00:59

I have a few requests.

1)Where can I get FFX demo?

2)Is there such thing as a hardware emulator that works in DOS?(This thing can make virtual sound and graphics cards in your computer, but takes up space).

If you know where can I get both of this, please tell me through this thread.

General discussion / Questions about this new board...
« on: 2001-10-03 09:09:00 »
1) Is this really a temporary board? I want the old one, or at least something like it.

2)When do we get our ranks back? It's not fair when only newbies get their ranks.

3)This is a little stupid but can you give me the anime names of your avatars?mine= Crayon Shin Chan, StrayWings=sakura cardcaptor and things like that.

Looks like this section has been left out in the dust for a while. Here's what I found out about Square.....

one new game system(I mean, FF, LoM, SoM)on one new platform will be done like a beta with a lot of I don't care attidute on the game. If game is liked by many, game system gets complicated......

(I'm not sure what I'm saying....:rolleyes :)

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