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7thHeaven / [SOLVED] Can't get Xpadder to work.
« on: 2019-03-06 04:49:31 »
I like having Analog run, so I set up a profile with Xpadder on this. I set it to monitor FF7_bc.exe because I'm using Beacause and Reunion. But the thing never activates, like it can't see the game running through 7th Heaven. Ok, so I manually switch to the config. But Xpadder won't hook the controller inputs. Huh. If I run the game through FF7_en.exe, the game starts as though I started the Steam version, with none of the mods installed (and all my old save data loaded) and the Xpadder config works like a charm. It even auto starts when I change the target to FF7_en.exe. So what is happening with 7th Heaven that is keeping me from running my modded game with full controller support (including analog run, DPad support and triggers functioning)?

I have the CD version as well, but as this uses a custom .exe, it probably won't matter. But this is on the Steam install, moved to a custom folder (my steam library has a ! in a folder name in the path which I found the converter DOES NOT LIKE), and the mods run like clockwork. But my controller is limited without analog run features, and without support for the D pad or the triggers as action buttons in game. Is there anything I can do, or am I gonig to have to go with an older manual install of mods to get this kind of functionality?

OS: Win 10 Pro
Steam Edition of FFVII.

Troubleshooting / Installed FFVII and have an input error
« on: 2010-07-27 03:19:05 »
It seems no matter what I try, the up and left keys are locked in an "ON" state, to the point that the game is completely unplayable. I don't know how to resolve this. It did this upon first install. Then I reinstalled and patched to 1.02. Then I reinstalled and patched to 1.02 and used Aali's graphics driver. No dice on any front, the up and left keys are constantly triggered. Tried installing with and without my joystick installed, and nothing changed. Any ideas?

System: Windows 7 (Compatability mode for Win 98/ME and Win XP SP2/3 run)
Core 2 Duo 2.8 Ghz processor
Nvidia 9800GT+ Video adapter
4 GB Ram

General discussion / Stupid question for Halkun
« on: 2009-12-22 05:01:10 »
I've noticed you posting in some threads "encouraging" people with what seems to be.. I don't know a forceful hand to stay close to the original items when doing their own overhaul work. Not that they seem to mind, But let's say I wanted to add something else to this community... It's been ages since I have, but lets say i decide to model or retex something, is that a rule that you're actually trying to enforce on people in a community of modifications, or is it simply a personal preference that you're tossing around? I'd like to know, and I'm sorry if this comes off as crass... I thought about it for a while and I decided not to beat around the bush with delicacy on this one, as I'd just like an answer, when next you or anyone with the answer to this question pokes their head in. :D

I do remember when Modding was about creativity... Is it still or is there someone trying to wrench the creativity and freedom out of a creative process?

Troubleshooting / Problem with FMVs -> Gameplay
« on: 2007-10-22 19:00:56 »
In the opening video going into the train station. I have downloaded K-Lite Codec (3.50) and set Truemotion1,2 to disabled (from libavcodec).

The opening FMV plays until it zooms into the train station, and the Shinra Guards who are supposed to be on the platform aren't there, then the screen goes blank, and no music plays, though you can hear sound effects (of Jessie and Biggs taking out the guards). Then, the dialogue box pops up, still on a black screen, and after clearing that, and holding forward for a few seconds, the battle scene starts, and I can finally see, then everything is normal except for the music. The music does start up after the battle. I haven't played through to the second FMV (standing at the open gate, looking up at the Reactor and the Shin-Ra logo before running through the gate) yet to see if it's any other FMV with this problem. I played through the second FMV, and the sprites are frozen on screen instead of moving properly. I noticed someone else encountering this problem on a different cutscene, and I'm currently searching for that post.

Has this been encountered before?

Another note is that I can get video restored by opening the menu before the battle with the soldiers, however, music doesn't start until the battle.

Edit: After moving on to the second FMV, instead of moving, Cloud sits still in the middle of the screen frozen and then just snaps into place at the end of the cutscene.

The movies worked fine before installing K-Lite.

Patch list:
Official 1.02
The SaiNt's Hi res patch
-Krucis Default Run
NPC Replacement Project 0.6
High Res Cloud

EDIT: As of now, I've done the only reasonable thing. I've uninstalled K-lite until someone can help provide insight on this, as I'm tired of the FMV transitions. So if anyone gets an idea, I'd still love to hear it and try out some things. As of now, I've tried compatibility modes, upside-down movie patch, and a few tweaking guides on this site, all to no avail. Thanks for your time.

After doing dome research on this topic, I found this (original post linked in the quote):
In my short time here, dziugo has been helpful time and time again.

I have a question about Gypt though. I wanted to see if it had worked, so I chose new game and sought to use it to skip the beginning movie. When I press
Code: [Select]
press CTRL
press S
release S
release CTRL
the FMV is skipped, but the screen is black. I hear the train's steam end, and I can hear Biggs and Jessie attacking the guards as well as Cloud flipping off of the train. Then a window pops up with Barret instructing you to come along. Then I press up and can hear myself enter the battle. But at no point am I seeing anything but black.
Forgot to mention a couple things. Even though the background music isn't playing if I skip the new game movie, it plays after the first battle is over.

The other thing is that if I use the first method mentioned above to skip the next FMV (the one where Cloud looks up to the reactor), everything works fine. But that FMV fades out and the game fades back in anyways. So the "problem" I experience in the first example might only effect FMV's that are meant to play into a playable field map. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any. Furthermore, when I use the first version to skip the new game movie and the screen is black, as soon as Cloud is controllable, bringing up the menu and then returning to the game restores the visuals. So it's not really an issue at all. I was just wondering if maybe I had done something wrong.

Now this would be wonderful new, had I installed Dziugo's GYPT patch. However, seeing as I haven't, but still experience this problem, maybe someone (possibly Dziugo, if he has time, or someone else far more knowledgeable about these things than I) could enlighten me a little as to the cause, and possible solutions? Again, I thank you for your time. I think I will try installing the GYPT patch and see if it can help me with the problem I'm encountering.

Another note I've found is that I'm running my movies off the HD, I suppose I assumed that would be obvious. Is this in anyway a cause or partial cause to my problem? Associated at all? Even in the ballpark?

Ok. New Edit. I found this post, much to my chagrin, no one was able to offer much support on the matter last year either. I'm still researching, however, so bear with me, if you are reading these updates... However, I fear I'm the onlyone who ever sees this thread. Fun, though, researching through old posts.

Edit: Installed Duck Truemotion player with FFDshow installed, and it only gave me horrible quality FMVs with the same problem.

[Edit] (10/25):I found the person experiencing the character freeze problem, and it is in the NPC_RP thread...
when clouds supposed to pick up jessie, he and jessie are supposed to get up and run away from the reactor, but cloud never gets back up and jessie and he just freeze, even when the video fo the explosion starts up

sorry for the small picture, somehow my hosting site resizes everything
It seems though that the question was pretty much ignored at the time, and could have been related to a bug in a previous release of NPC_RP

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