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Troubleshooting / Sound effects problem
« on: 2009-06-30 12:52:24 »
The music in the game works, and it works during battles. But sound effect for some reason do not. By this I mean cursor moving or spell casting, or even attacking. There's just no sound effects going on :/ Both sound tests in the FF Config.exe program worked fine.
I searched through the forums and found two other posts with pretty much the same subject as mine, but they were about 1 or 2 years ago. One topic had no answer, and the other's answer to check if "midi's" were turned off in my Windows Control Panel sound category.
I looked through Windows Control Panel and found no section telling me whether or not midi's were to be used or not. And surely if midis were turned off the background music wouldn't work either?
I haven't used any patches either.

Thanks in advance!

edit: Final Fantasy VII related problem, forgot to add that bit in ahah!

Archive / Creating Enemies
« on: 2008-03-20 00:03:32 »
I have looked through the forums but not really found much in the way of what I'm looking for.
If there is some thread I've overlooked, please direct me  :-)

Right anyway, I've been messing around with Meteor and Highwind etc. and was just wondering
1. Does Meteor show ecounters for Bosses? Because, I don't think it does ;S
2. If it doesn't, what are the ecounter codes for Bosses? I know it might sound totally stupid but I was going to make a sort of room full of bosses from previous parts in the game
3. How do I create enemies/bosses? As I wouldn't mind making the game quite a bit harder and customising it
4. How do I create attacks for enemies/bosses, as raising stats and changing some weaknesses around would just mean levelling up more which I don't find that interesting y'know?

Thanks for any help  :-D

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