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Troubleshooting / FPS drop while texture loading
« on: 2019-02-12 21:10:34 »
Hi everyone,

I searched the last 4 pages for a similar problem, but i haven't found anything, so i thought, I post a solution of my problem and might help others as well.

I am playing this game on 4k resolution with different (texture) mods (Echo-S, Kelas magic mod, avalanche arisen battle, reunion r05c).
Whenever i entered a new area, a battle, I encountered a fps drop. For example the game runs fine with 30fps and then drops to 17 fps and back to 30 fps. If the textures are once loaded, this drop does not happen again.
Still, i don't like this "feature" and so i began to search for a solution where i can experience a fluid gameplay.

There were only two things which did actually work and removed this fps drop.

1. Lower my resolution, for example to 1920x1080 => This is not really helping for 4k gaming ...
2. Using not fullscreen, but windowed.

Now, playing the game in windowed mode with a titlebar is not what i wanted and so i tried to get a borderless window. There is a tool I have used and worked without any problems at all.

If you are in the need for playing in windowed mode and want a borderless window, there you go =>
I also tried autohotkey, but it didn't work under windows 10 for this game.

If you think, this thread doesn't belong here or shouldn't exist, you are free to delete it. :-)

Kind regards

Hi everyone,

i just think we should discuss something about 7th heaven.

Mentioning in the other topic, I am interested to overhaul the current 7th heaven. Reasons e.g. is the overall UI and bugs. Sticking to WPF, C# and so on, since my strong point is in WPF and UI ...
I started to redo the UI in the past, but iro was not really helping at all and not willing to make his project open-source (at that time, but it is more or less now). So i stopped. now he is vanished, the tool itself gets maintained somewhat by ficedula, but i don't see an overall agenda.

I got in touch with Elyza and we have discussed some stuff and she is willing to help and support me. Probably this goes for every project that is getting DONE, really done. My time is as scarce as everyone else i guess. This means, the progress is slow, but there would be progress at some point.

As I was about to start this topic, I have seen a post from DLPB at discord who is going to make a new or similar system. Maybe others and myself don't want to spend time for nothing, so i was just going to ask everyone who is working on something for us / themselves.... why dont we join up and make something good?

I won't get into any details, because it doesn't matter currently, so I was wondering what the feedback would be ...
You're welcome and thank you for reading!

I am following this forum for around (let me check my profile :-P) eight years now and i have seen great tools / mods / changing stuff for different games, but mainly ff7.
Most mods have been started within their own little universe and contributed to the modding scene. That's great. But it got highly complex with the time with those different mods and dependencies of each other.
As far as i can guess, that was the time when the "Bootleg Configurator" (for FF7) came into action. It deserved its purpose, but couldn't withstand the advanced mechanics of the 7th tool.

It has now been around eight months and i am asking myself: Is Iro is coming back or not? What will happen to 7th?
I mostly fear that we might being stuck with the current version which is far from being perfect (imo).

Since the last two projects were being developed by behind closed doors, which always is a risk if it gets abandoned, and it got shot down because the key developers have been absent (like now with PitBrat? and Iro).

I am just wondering what will be the next step when it comes to modding for ff7 (or 8, other titles)?
I currently see three options:

1) Recreate 7th heaven (checking the compiled code and try to continue the work, and put it on GitHub e.g.)
2) Start a fresh community project on GitHub (or other platforms, idk) where the code can be viewed and might continued by any person who is strong in coding.
3) Moving to another platform which already implements the features we have. Idk if such a platform already exists.

What do you guys think? Any opinions / leads?

Greetings :-)

Bootleg Questions / Qhimm Crawler
« on: 2014-08-12 19:14:19 »
Hi everyone,

i dont know where to post this, so i decided to post it here. correct me if i am wrong.

in the last few days i decided to gather some "cool" mods and ended up in the big list of mods thread. great so far, but i kinda thought, it lacks some easy management. i thought about the "mod listing" feature in bootleg and how we can put it to the next level.

at the moment, i started to program a little tool for myself which gets all relevant links. its still early in the development. just posting screens and wanted feedback.

it is planned as of now as a separate tool, but it might end up in bootleg, i don't know yet. it also depends on your feedback in general.

What is planned:

- Gather all releases (done)
- Save List ( for checking on updates of threads)
- export data to bbcode / html for managing the list of mods - thread

anything else isn't planned as of now.


Bootleg Questions / Bootleg Configurator UI
« on: 2014-07-23 17:15:36 »
Hello everyone,

since i am working on the new user interface ( UI ), i am interested in your current pc specs, to be precise your current operating system where you are playing ff7 on and what resolution are you using. In the end, everyone shall be able to use the interface to its full limits.
You have two options, one for the operating system and the other one is about the resolution.

The configurator is mainly done for windows users so far. There is no intention about doing a direct port to different operating systems (for now).

To give you a current state about the UI, i'd say it is done by 30%. All that's missing is logic and fine tuning. There is still quite a lot to do.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.

Thank you for your patience regarding everyone who is working on that great tool.

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