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Completely unrelated / A point about inequalities...
« on: 2009-08-31 12:07:41 »
So how many of you immediately thought I was bashing high school arithmetic? One? Two? None? Well if you did then you get a

big fat slap in the face for thinking such garbage!

No my friends (and people I have inevitably alienated, too) I am here to make a point about public service announcements... If you live in America (the north one at the least) and you have a television, you have seen one... likely more. Probably a few of you in those other countries as well, you know I love you too... (more actually... your collective braincell count is higher).

Anyway, these announcements generally involve some message of helping others, like encouraging your "disabled" friends to apply for clubs and activities or possibly something about accepting people who come from different walks of life...

Well you know what?

That is the opposite of equality!

How, in the name of the great, combo breaking Obama(No really that combo needed breaking, this is a complement), is it equal that I should help people with their social lives and free time activities... when I'm NOT encouraged to do the same for the attractive demi-genius girl who's in 3 of my college classes and I actually give a crap about?

Why should I open doors for the guy in the wheelchair, when I don't go out of my way in such a fashion for people I actually know? How is that equal...? Why should I interfere with the lives of the woman with one leg when I wouldn't do the same for one with two? That isn't equal! Equal would be not giving a sh*t about the random crippled man any more than I do the random perfectly un-crippled man...

Also, the term "disabled" is somewhat misleading... being in a wheelchair doesn't necessarily mean you're disabled... For that matter, there are supposedly physically disabled people, who can do a hell of a lot better at physical things than I ever could...

Why aren't there such public service announcements about helping the guy who goes to class every day only to loathe waking up each morning simply due to the monotony and absurdity...?

You want equality? Give us a government grant program that applies to the fat, unskilled, and lazy because they're fat, unskilled, and lazy. That would be equality, because then everyone applies to it.

The phrase comes to mind: "I don't hate (insert group of people) specifically, I hate everyone equally."

It's the simple truth that the people you hate are treated differently from those you don't, and you sure as hell can't like everyone... so the only option for true equality is to hate everyone...

Now tell me... the concept of equality in these messages, is a flawed one to begin with, but regardless so... is true equality really worth it?

Don't get me wrong now, I'm not supporting bigotry, I'm just making a point about phrases and concepts commonly and carelessly thrown about over this world...

I think it is a good thing to help people if they are having trouble... but if they are perfectly able and willing to do it themselves... do they need someone else interfering? If someone asks for help, be it directly or implicitly, help them... if they don't... then no one can rightfully blame you for not. Obviously some people will say they don't need help, but their situation will scream otherwise... this is where your ability to make your own decisions becomes important.

In case anyone is wondering... I loathe public service announcements.. because they don't do any sort of service for the public by interrupting our programs only to be ignored like any other advertisement.

I am not spreading a message of hate, but of conscious thought! Remember that. Make your own decisions on who to treat how, and don't base it on how a soothing voice on a TV says to...

Graphical Modding / Models by X-Dina (Satoh)
« on: 2009-08-09 18:07:01 »
Ok so... I spent a few days messing around in Maya with what was a long long time ago, Sephiroth, and when I was done, almost none of the original mesh was left in it's original form and this was the result... I think it turned out well.

I would love to release it... but since parts of Square's models were used (albeit no longer intact) I can't... However... I am seriously considering making a new one from scratch for that very purpose...

Anyway here is the question for you all... What next? I'm considering doing a remake of all the weapons... but I don't know yet...

Completely unrelated / About Koral...
« on: 2009-08-05 18:03:59 »
I know it's really none of my business to ask what happened or why...

But I logged in about a week ago to say some things to her specifically, only to find out that she had left without a trace... I tried her email, but it is no longer existent... at least the email she had on her forum profile...

I'm basically just asking this...: Does anyone have any form of contact with Koral, that I could use to say a few things?

It just sort of feels like a friend of mine has died because of the infinite lack of ability to contact her...

To be quite honest I really am upset by her leaving, but not because of her talent...

If anyone can help, I at least have to say goodbye...

But something tells me none of you have that kind of contact information... Maybe it's just pessimism. So if anyone can help me... please...

Troubleshooting / Crash in Timber on FF8
« on: 2009-01-14 17:14:33 »
I crash like clockwork whenever I get to President Deling's broadcast at the Timber TV station.

I have an ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 onboard graphics chipset. (Laptop)

I have managed to almost get passed it by changing the settings and using different launchers, but no matter how far I get through it, I always crash before I can leave Timber, or save anywhere...

The farthest I have gotten is just before Seifer follows Sorceress Edea into the portal. Most often, I only get to the President's speech, and crash just before Seifer appears.

I don't remember what settings allowed me to get farther, as I have attempted to get passed this point more than 30 times now...

does anyone know what the problem is or how I can skip this scene?

Ok, this will serve as my home base for analyzing and eventually ripping the models from any of various games...

Currently I am focusing on Final Fantasies 8 and 9.

Previous Formats Explored:

Chrono Cross Battle Models
Chrono Cross Field Models
Chrono Cross Modified TIM Images.

Previous Formats with outstanding research:

Chrono Cross Weapon Data
Chrono Cross Skeletal Animation Data

To be Explored:

Chrono Cross Walkmesh
Chrono Cross Engine Data
Final Fantasy VIII Model Data
Final Fantasy IX Model Data

Planned Explorations

Megaman Legends 2 General Data
Valkyrie Profile Sprite Data

Future Project Possibilities:

Ragnarok Online 3D Model Data
FlyFF Models
Dream of Mirror Online Models
Fiesta Online Models
Metal Gear Solid 3 Data
Xenosaga III Data
.hack//Quarantine Data
.hack//G.U. Vol. 3 Data

Information on Formats:

Chrono Cross Data:
Resource Pages(Bottom)

Final Fantasy VIII Data:
Basic Model Discoveries

Final Fantasy IX Data:
FF9 Format Wiki~Thanks to Vehek
Info about directory structure in the FF9.IMG

Crisis Core Data:
Koral's Crisis Core investigation threat.

Current Team Members:

X-Dina Current Focus: GU: Redemption CCS files...

FaustWolf Current Focus: Chrono Cross Skeletal Animation Data

Ok, so, if anyone has links to previously discovered information please post them here.
I know there is some information on FFVIII and FFIX data, but it is spread everywhere throughout this forum and others, and I'd rather spend time actually researching, than scouring the forum for all of the previous threads... If I come across any I'll link them here. Hopefully this can become a large resource-book of model and data structure information.

If anyone has information on any of the formats I mentioned as possible future explorations, please post that as well. Any and all help is welcome, and in fact, requested.

Does anyone have a program or import/export plugin for viewing FF8 PC models?

First off, I have looked... for a long time... even to the point of reading almost every post with FF8 or FFVIII in the title...

I know Qhimm had something at some point, and there was a program on a site link somewhere for the battle models, but the archive is corrupt when I download it, and the previous versions are File not Found...(I think it was a Russian site)

The only links I can find are links to other threads, links to dead downloads, or dead links to other sites...
In short, everything seems dead...

Qhimm, if you're around and read this, I would very much like to know how you ripped the FF8 models and if possible, a link to the tools to do so...

I really don't want to have to learn to read a file format in hex, and then learn to program an exporter myself... (not just for this anyway... not when I know other people have done it already)

Also, I tried extracting them with GardenEight and opening them in Mirex's Biturn(Several versions), but they came out with extremely messed up geometry, and some of the textures were wrong, so I couldn't use that...

Please, I really would like your(anyone's) help.

Thank you for your time.

I should note, that I am going to try decoding files in hex and writing exporters on several other types of files... but I still have a long way to go... and I would much prefer the FF8 models sooner than... 5 years from now... X_x... If it turns out I will need to decode them myself... I suppose it can't be helped... but I already am planning far too many model hacks...

FF9 Battle/Field models (I know there's been some work but I can't find any useful programs/info...)
Megaman Legends 2 PSX models
Metal Gear Solid 3 PS2 models
And a few other games but I'm sure you can tell, I have the next 50 years of my life blown all to hell already =P

(If anyone is interested in those games formats... and happens to know a little about file hex-editing shoot me a message... maybe we can start a project...)

OK, so, here's what I want to do--

Best case scenerio:
  • Replace Tifa's character with Jessie. (I am making the .p models for the battle skeleton)
  • Jessie to use  Vincent's battle animations and weapons. (some weapons for Jessie will have customized models as well)
  • Jessie to use Tifa's limit animations.
  • Jessie will have a custom menu icon.

Acceptable compromises:
  • Vincent's animations are preferable, but if absolutely necessary Tifa's will do
  • In the event of Vincent not having viable animations, Tifa's weapons will do
  • Customized weapon graphics, if problematic can be scrapped

Known issues:
  • 3DS to P conversion is giving me trouble
  • Converted 3DS models are not displaying proper textures
  • My tools and FFVII installation are not on the same computer

Extra info:
  • I am using simple models, similar to the defaults of the game(no hirez stuff...for now)
  • If this works, I will likely do more underappreciated character conversions
  • If I deem this an incredible amount of work with little reward... I may scrap it for other more important projects. (this is at MY discretion, your opinion of the amount of work will only be a suggestion. Please try to give processes as opposed to simply saying "it's too difficult")

Any help will be apprecited, I have used the search button, in case anyone thinks I haven't looked around first.

After a little browsing, then a large amount of search abuse, I discovered an old user named Zande, seemed to have cracked the FFIX model format.

I was FLOORED... But after my exhausting search was over I only found files that *seem* to be viewers for battle map data... no real eplicit words about character, weapon, enemy etc. models... While it seemed like a few people were trying to ask, "Can we view [X type] of model?" no one seemed to be giving a straight 'yes' or 'no'...

I have been trying for a few years now to find a way to either A. view them that I may copy them tediously by hand or B. more better-ly that I can simply rip them... as I know little to nothin about decoding filetypes, and only very slightly more about making windows apps... (though absolutely nothing about 3D viewing... ) I'm stuck with whatever I can find on the interwebs...

Believe me for about a month I tried making screenshots of every feesable angle of the char's but all I managed to get good enough resources on were hands and feet..(being the simplest shapes on the models...) and got nowhere trying to reproduce the tex's...

So I call out to you, oh gods of modding, ripping, and decoding... Please answer my heaviest of questions, and if you feel I am so worthy, bestow the gift of a viewer or converter. I would be more than willing to help you all if I knew answers to your own queries.

I beg of you...

EDIT: apologies if this is in the wrong section... it seemed the most likely to me...

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