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Hey, I'm needing a opcodes list and description just like the wiki version, but I need a version I can use offline. .doc or .pdf will do, if someone happens to have it to share I'll be really grateful.
btw it seems this link its unavailable. If someone have a new link to the gears pdf... idk if it is updated but it might help with some tasks im doing.


Completely Unrelated / Peace reached this forums
« on: 2009-09-29 04:01:26 »
That settles it... finally

FF8 Tools / [PSX/PC] Dialogs Editor - Cactuar (0.5a)
« on: 2009-09-03 13:27:25 »

Cactuar is a simple editor of ff8 .msd files.
Backup your files first!!

This project is discontinued!! I'm no longer programming with VB.NET.
I'm currently programming with C#, yeah I know I can just convert to C# and continue it, but I don't feel like it.
I have some other issues at hand, if I get some requests for updates, MAYBE I'll convert it and improve it.



Cactuar - Release Date: November 07 2009

Required: .NET Framework 3.5

Troubleshooting / VB.NET
« on: 2009-08-14 05:25:38 »
Hey guys, I'm trying to write a program (FF related - I'm not getting into details) and I've been trying so many ways to decode FF texts to ASC. I had success in decoding FF text to ASC but I can't seem to decode ASC back to FF text. There are so many issues... I'm wondering if someone can enlighten this.
Here's basically what my code does:

This one works FF to ASC ...
Code: [Select]
'tmpbytes() as byte array that already read through the file

For i = 0 To tmpbytes.Length - 1
                sTmp &= FF2ASC(tmpbytes(i))

Private Function FF2ASC(ByVal b As Byte) As String

        Select Case Hex(b)
            Case "0"
                Return Environment.NewLine & "[END DIALOG]" & Environment.NewLine
            Case "1"
                Return Environment.NewLine & "[NEW WINDOW]" & Environment.NewLine
            Case "2"
                Return Environment.NewLine
            Case "20"
                Return " "
            Case "21"
                Return "0"
            Case "22"
                Return "1"
            Case ....

but i haven't come with a way to encode back to FF'ish' text

Tried this one recently but didn't worked:

Code: [Select]
'These tables are type string() defined at form load
        FF_table(65) = "21"
        FF_table(66) = "22"
        FF_table(67) = "23"
        FF_table(68) = "24"
        FF_table(69) = "25"
        FF_table(70) = "26"
        FF_table(71) = "27"
ASC_table(65) = "0"
        ASC_table(66) = "1"
        ASC_table(67) = "2"
        ASC_table(68) = "3"
        ASC_table(69) = "4"
        ASC_table(70) = "5"
        ASC_table(71) = "6"

'then it comes the function

Private Function Encoding(ByVal str As String, ByVal Method As String) As String

        Select Case Method
            Case "FF"
                For i = 0 To FF_table.Length - 1
                    str = str.Replace(ASC_table(i), FF_table(i))
                Return str
            Case "ASC"
                For i = 0 To FF_table.Length - 1
                    str = str.Replace(FF_table(i), ASC_table(i))
                Return str
        End Select

    End Function

 :-( Can someone explain the method that u guys did in ur progs?

Troubleshooting / [Request] ff8 programs
« on: 2009-01-17 15:47:30 »
I'm sorry... I may have not searched enough, but I coundn't seen to find some programs I'm needing.. just found outdated versions or invalid links... so if someone could plz post new links or working links of these programs i'll be very grateful :

Compiled Garden (i know i can download its source.. but i have no ways to compile it... if someone can plz post a compiled version  :-) )

also... the proper .GPR file... (1409 KB)

thank you for your attention.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Resizing Windows?
« on: 2008-09-24 13:19:40 »
OK the thing is.... i need to resize the small window at shop menu... the one that contains the text "Buy  Sell   Exit"
I managed to do this in psx version messing up with the shop.mnu file in hex editor
But I need to do it with the pc version.. and we all know that the menu files were coded into the .exe but i can't see to find it where to do it...
I need to do this because I'm translating and it didn't look good using abbreviation forms of  'buy' 'sell' and 'exit' in my language...
Then the texts need more space... also i would need to change the selection icon placement to fit the selections...
Remembering... i know where the texts are... i need to deal with the window size and selection icon placement...

Hope someone can help me with this...  :?

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