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Releases / [FF7PC-98] Shalua Rui: A rebalance (0.3)
« on: 2010-03-04 00:20:16 »
Version 0.3 has been released!! :-D


Aps battle:


Its taken sometime to prep and time to write a batch installer(my first foray into trying to program anything, nothing too fancy but I am learning :P) but I am happy to say that the project is alive and gathering steam.  I have pasted an abridged readme to give a good idea of what the project will bring.  The actual readme goes into more detail about specific spells and such, I just don't want to clog up the forum with it.  If anyone has any specific item questions just let me know.

If you are coming here after the installer has finished, skip this part :-)

TO INSTALL: The installer backs up the files you will be patching(flevel.lgp, kernel.bin, kernel2.bin, scene.bin, and ff7.exe)  for you but it would not hurt to do so yourself.  Move the entire Shalua Rui folder AS IS(Don't extract the files inside the folder, just move the folder) into your Final Fantasy VII folder.  The installer assumes your directory is C:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII.  If that isn't yours for some reason let me know I will offer some secondary instructions if needed. Otherwise go inside the Shalua Rui folder and then into the flevel folder and double click install.bat.  The installer does most of the work, you will just have to press a key after each file is patched, and click to confirm the patching of kernel.bin, kernel2.bin, scene.bin, and ff7.exe.  I highly recommend patching all 5 files as it will mess up the balance big time if you don't.

Shalua Rui is my attempt to reblance Final Fantasy 7.  I am sticking with PC for now, with the possibility of PSX support in the future.  I am more concerned with finishing the project at this point.  This readme will go through the version history and explain the major changes in the modification.  If you are really itching to find all the changes you should thouroughly explore the files, I have listed most things I can remember here.

v0.1 and 0.2 were my original changes but they got severly revamped into the current state.

v0.3: Up to the Mythril Mine 98% to my liking and playable.  Many changes that are outlined in this readme.  Additional changes past the readme will be individually listed in future version history. 

v0.4 Preview: I will probably be increasing enemy damage in the beginning for the next release as I had increased armor defense and forgot to compensate.  Nothing too major though.

Tifa's limit breaks will be tweaked more, probably a reduction in power.

I plan to have up to Rocket Town completed.

-There could be some weird text gaps in some items and item descriptions.  This is just something I think Wall Market does sometimes when compiling the kernel. I fix them as I see them so just let me know if you encounter this and I will fix it.

-Even though I have set charaters empty materia slots to have no materia, there is a weird purple placement materia that stays even in slots that are not available on equipment.  Its a little annoying, just discard or sell them for now. I can't get rid of this but I will try to find a way.

-The steal and drop tables have acted weird since I have changed them.  There is a possiblity you may get a weird drop or steal that is just a placement item with no use.  I have edited these chances out for the most part but just let me know if you encounter it so i can fix it.

I can best break this down by file.

Kernel and kernel2.bin:
ALOT.  I have changed probably 99% of the equipment in game.  The goal is to make physical attacks more viable early in the game and to make every item somewhat useful in a certain scenario.  I have made all weapons have a certain purpose, an example being everyone has a "mage" weapon, a "defender" weapon, and a "warrior" weapon.  There are many variations of course but this is a generalization. 
I have made a couple brand new armor and everyone besides Aeris has their own special armor they can equip, as well as their own accessory.  Not really an OP thing, just makes them all unique and useful in certain situations.

The significant accessory change other than that is that Ribbon no longer prevents status ailments.  This will provide for more significant planning with added effect combos and other accessories, maybe even certain party combos.  There may be times when you have to deal with certain status effects.

Materia changes:
Most materia growth is increased, some for right now really hard to master.  I have removed master materia as I see them as OP, in their place in game I have place the W item, summon, and magic materia.  In those materia's place in game I have made 3 new materia: strength, vitality, and spirit plus.  I have also added status effects to most summons, in and out of battle, and altered a few specific materia.

-There are brand new items.

-Hyper and tranquilizer are pretty rare items as I find that Fury and Sadness are pretty OP ways of dealing with enemies.  There will be certain situations where they will be very helpful and this is when you should use them.

I have also created throwing items to benefit from the Throw materia. My hope is to make it more viable but I will decide based on my tests.

Character changes
-Cloud starts at level one and everyone else starts at average party level except for Yuffie who seems to be on her own little curve.
-Stats are lined up a little better, balancing everyone out
-EXP curve tweaked to match the exp gains I was looking for.  This is open to more tweaking as the game unfolds
-Limit breaks don't come as often and are more than a bonus when them come as opposed to something you depend on coming frequently.

Except for Vincent, Tifa and Barret everyone starts with some type of materia.  You will be able to come across 1 of each materia without having to buy them.  You won't be able to afford it anyway.

-I have changed all enemies in one fashion or the other.  This is just not simply doubling all enemy stats as it requires a bit more balancing than that.  Status ailments are present in attacks of a lot of enemies, some enemies have really high magic or physical defense, certain weaknesses, etc.  Sense materia is somewhat useful but eventually its not really going to help as it won't work on much.  Until you get it, you only have so many options anyway so it shouldn't be too hard to figure things out.  I hope to make you think at least a little bit.

-EXP is drasically decreased especially in the very beginning.  This isn't a LLG or anything it is just that it fits the level curve.  You should be around 10 when you leave Midgar and leveling picks up a bit after that.  -I left gold just about the same, maybe a little less.  I originally had it pretty low as well but then I don't want you to have to grind a lot so there will be some points when fighting a bit for gold won't be a bad idea, but nothing drastic.
-AP has increased a bit but not so much that it outweighs the increase in AP needed.

I have also changed encounters, some bosses may have an extra enemy or two and some encounters have been changed so that you are able to fight some enemies easier.  I like the mix so far.

flevel.lgp and ff7.exe

My favorite edits personally...there are no new item locations, just what you get has been changed in a lot of places.  I like the change as it is refreshing to not know what may be in that chest, or what materia you will get. I have also fixed a couple little things, one being that the soldiers that you get Potions from in the very beginning actually drop them individually, you can't get both from one of them(A weird bug I thought)

I have edited shops and limit breaks a decent amount.  Limits are tweaked to make them a little less powerful, but useful in certain situations.  Shops are a big change, you can find many new items in shops.  They are placed there because you will probably find use for them, and should buy a couple.  Also if you see some new status ailment curing item, its probably a good idea to buy a couple.

Overall this is harder than the original but not hardcore.  However some battles will be pretty tough.  I am trying to make something that requires you to really think about your planning, not just OP materia combinations= You win.

I just want to say I could not have done this without the members of who have created the programs for me to modify the various files:

For modding:
Squall78 for Loveless text editor
NFITC1 for Proud Clod and Wall Market; scene and kernel.bin editors
Bosola for LIBRE limit break editor
titeguy3 for White Choco shop editor
myst6re for Makou Reactor field editor

For my own testing:
Aali for his graphics driver
sithlord48 for Black Chocobo save editor

For installation
Aali for lgp/unlgp

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