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Scripting and Reverse Engineering / [PSX] Merging Discs
« on: 2014-05-04 11:05:45 »
I recently decided to unpack my FF7 disc images and diffmerge them together in an effort to unify the 3 CDs into 1, for the sake of portability.
I knew there would be a great deal of hackery involved in removing the disc swap checks, but I felt up for the challenge.
After googling a couple of the filenames that were always different (namely the FMV index "MOVIE_ID.BIN"), I discovered that this was old news and some guys had already merged FF7, 8 & 9 into DVD format via batch script patches. Unfortunately, the thread is now a ghost town and it seems impossible to download the scripts.

Here's the link, if anyone is interested: (If this somehow violates any rules for whatever reason, please just delete this whole thread)

By any chance, has anyone got a copy of said scripts saved somewhere? I feel as though it's something that's missing from the grand archive of final fantasy hacking resources we have here.

Completely Unrelated / Gamespot - Greatest Game Hero
« on: 2009-09-18 23:03:05 »

Basically, I will weep tears of blood if Cloud loses to Kratos.
As long as he moves into the next round I will be happy!!

I think we all know what to do....  8-)

Archive / RAW Images
« on: 2009-02-28 18:36:04 »

I've been looking into modifying various screens for the PSX version of FF7.
e.g. '/MOVIE/CHANGE0.LZS'  == Aeris "Insert Disc" screen.

After decompressing it from LZS, I renamed to .RAW and opened up in Photoshop.
Worked it out to be 400x300 pixels... 16 Bits (IBM PC) seems to work... but it comes out in greyscale!

I've tried scribbling over the image as a test and packing it back in, works- but it's dodgy...

Anyone know how to edit RAW images effectively? Would be neat, as I could change quite a bit here :D



This is a tool for the PlayStation version of the game.

Previously when doing a Face-set mod for the Playstation, the name-a-character screen would show the old graphic, this for me ruined the face-set modding completely. This tool will enable you to easily change the TIMs inside of NAMEMENU.MNU.

I have found plenty of tools to scan for TIM files inside of other files, but none of them correctly "inject" new files... so I've created this tool which imports/exports set TIM files from the specific offsets on NAMEMENU.MNU, SAVEMENU.MNU and ITEMMENU.MNU.

I've tested it out and it all seems OK, I'd appreciate it if you PSX modders gave it a go.
Let me know if you have any problems with this initial release!

Download 1.40MB (Feel free to mirror)

Archive / Help with Music Opcodes
« on: 2009-01-29 02:50:55 »
Hi there,

I've been messing about with opcodes (specifically for NMKIN_5.DAT), I would like to give the Guard Scorpion battle the standard boss fight music.
I'm understanding quite a few of the commands, I'm able to change the music to either "Bombing mission", "Battle theme", or "Reactor Theme", but I can't see where these 3 songs are being defined!
The wiki says that the appropriate music files are defined on the field, but I can't see where that's happening. I've read that the "AKAO" might have something to do with it, although altering these seems to have no effect what-so-ever.

Any ideas?


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