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Completely Unrelated / Google Wave
« on: 2009-11-02 11:10:51 »

i am sure i made a topic about this, but searching for wave and for google lets me down.

Anyways, whos using teh wave! i got my account saturday and its freaking awesome been toying arround with it all day and with my friends there aswell, it be awesome :D

Your thoughts?

Completely Unrelated / Dragon Age: Origins
« on: 2009-10-16 06:38:24 »

anyone else hyped for this game? I sooooooooo want to play this and cant wait till its released. Though i am still questioning if i am to buy it on xbox360 or PC. Deciding factor is: will the pc version have games for windows live and thus achievements? But havent found anything about it.

But Elf Mage Shapeshifter Blood Mage here i come :)

Completely Unrelated / the end of world is nigh!
« on: 2009-10-05 07:48:34 »
seriously though, who gave ammo the shiny stars?

yes i r jealous! i want shiny stars, eventhough just 3 and no other related things, just shiny!

General Discussion / Final Fantasy XIII
« on: 2009-09-15 09:27:41 »
yes thats right, a post from me. hi guys!

Anyways, FFXIII is around the corner and i am debating multiple things. I own a 360 and buying it on 360 seems to be the obvious choice (xbox360 controller > ps3 controller) Still, PS3 slim is sheeeeeeeep! atm and the game looks so much better on the ps3 its crazy.

But my main "motivation" for the system i buy this on will be the voice acting. In FFX and in FFXII i didnt like the voice acting at all. And i was pleased to hear that the PS3 version would have japanese voice acting from the get go. And the 360 version was a debate. Today i read a previeuw/interview on a dutch site saying that japanese voice acting would not be present at launch, instead we get english with full english lip synch (boring). And japanese may come as DLC or summit.

So does anyone here have any information regarding the voice acting? I am an anime nut and thus love japanse voice acting mainly cause i dont understand it at all and it gives games a more fantasy like expierience :)

thanks and hi again :)

ps: i miss iron :)

General Discussion / Crisis Core: Final fantasy VII
« on: 2008-06-23 09:08:13 »
Oh man, this game is so awesome. I bought it together with a psp last saturday and played almost non stop. The look, the feel, the familiar places, the music. As a true ff7 junky, this game delivers and more. I'm currently at chapter 4 i think, just got 1st class, dunno the chapter that is ^^.

I particurly like the mission system. Since its a handheld, missions are a great addition. Like when time is short and u wanna play some. p00f, a couple missions and i'm happy.

The game is a bit easy though, i think i shoud have started hard mode. But there is a time and place for evrything. What i dont understand though is the DMV system, i wanna summmon on my own accord! ah well, i'll play one when i get back home. just wanted to share that i think this game is awesome and that europe is finally lucky enough that they can buy it :)

Completely Unrelated / 1 - 0!!!! so far
« on: 2008-06-13 19:37:57 »

yes qhimm, this is called slow chat in offtopics!

Hello evryone,

Has anyone bought this yet? I have and i must say its kinda addicting. I'm not really good at it, and thats mainly cause i feel that i leave things out. I havent bought the other races/dungeons yet. Cause there are no wii points cards available yet. But am starting over once i buy all the extra content and then it should all go pretty good after that.

But does anyone have good experiences with this game? And does someone know of a tool how i can "build" my town, before i actually build it? I'd like to plan it out the next playthrough :)

General Discussion / Final Fantasy 12, the characters?
« on: 2008-03-10 16:22:21 »
Hey evryone, long time no see :D

Anyways, i got a question. I just bought FF12 and just started playing it. And i'm wondering why no one talks about the characters. I like to know some stuff about characters like how they are, where they come from, what weapons they prefer to use(lore wise or just personal choice). I'm at the point now where i am in jail. So i met about 4 or 5 characters i think. But that license system is really creepy. Seeing as potentially evryone can use evry weapon. Anyways, i searched the net for some personal info about the characters, but there doesnt seem to be any.

General Discussion / Some questions about Final Fantasy X
« on: 2007-09-29 06:49:42 »
First off all: Hey guys long time no see /hug /wave.

Anyways, i bought FFX and started playing but am a bit confused on how stuff work. For starters, new weapons dont seem to do more damage, they just add new abilities, mostly an elemental attack. Whats the point in putting all them weapons in it if they dont increase have an increase in damage. Also my big fuzzy Ronso was wearing a Hunter's Spear when he joined my party, yet i found another hunters spear later in the game and that spear had more stats including a strenght +10% So whats the deal here? How do new weapons add to more damage?

Second question is how to get Kimhari onto the grid where Auron is? sure i want him to get steal and some agi/evasion first, but after that i wanna build him into a second powerhouse like Auron. Seeing as they both have Piercing weapons its seems most viable. Oh i live in Holland and therefor have the PAL version of the game and i'm currently using the newbie "Standard" Grid.

General Discussion / Chocograph pieces in Final Fantasy 9
« on: 2007-03-22 13:39:29 »
Hey, well currently busy with Final Fantasy 9 and got myself a nice chocobo that can walk over all water and i went back to Chocobo lagoon, Dug up all chocographs there, but i know there are supposed to be chocograph pieces there aswell. I'm @ beginning of disc 3, dont have a flying thing yet if thats even in the game. Just wanna know when i can dig up those chocograph pieces, since this mini game is bugging me :p

FFS! 7 months ago i bought this UBER monitor brand new from the shop, this afternoon i come back from lunch and as usual i give my mouse a slight push and wait for my screen to come back... but it didnt. after various tests it was most definatly my monitor as i'm typing this with a spare monitor attached to my pc :( well the monitor has a 3 year warranty, but GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! why must this happen to me, and iiyama: screw you! tommorow i'm driving to the shop and try to get either a new screen on my money back and in case of the last, i'll just buy a samsung 930BF and get rid of the CRT era.

thanks for reading


Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF8 Battle Music
« on: 2004-06-12 18:29:01 »
Is there a way to change the ff8 battle music, to the battle music from the dream world. Imho the normal battle music = teh sux. But the dream world music is totaly awesome :)

General Discussion / FF 12 Trailer
« on: 2004-05-05 10:56:55 »
w00t a trailer from ff12

kinda cool, although i don't know if its the turned based play we all love :p

General Discussion / final fantasy 7 dorrupt save?
« on: 2004-03-30 19:46:11 »
well since its been a while since i played ff7 and i installed it again and just put my save file in it.. only

I'm at the point on CD1, where u have to get to gold saucer to go on the date and get the keystone (took me a while to figure that out too, but loading old saves and stuff made me believe that..)

there is only 1 problem cloud is lvl 54 and rest of my current team 53 (yuffie and cid) i got all chars including vincent. but then i looked @ some walktroughs to confirm my theiry of point in hte game. and they alll say party's level around lvl 30, highest i saw was lvl 34. i mean, I'M LEVEL 54, so do u think something is wrong or did i just level ALOT?

i have 24.17 hours playtime. and i done the yuffie quest and the pagoda quest...

Archive / GF4 Ti 4200 + FF7 FSAA
« on: 2004-03-30 16:30:13 »
I got a GF4 ti 4200. thus i tried the code change n stuff:

this piece of code
Code: [Select]
Required05 = 200h,

is replaced by this
Code: [Select]

using that method. SO doesn't this mean that there isn't a REquired05 ne more, or in other words, there is nothing for 2 x 2 mode to draw its requirements from. The code replacing also doesn't work for me in this format. i still have the sameweird lines and ugly backgrounds, so far i tried 45.23 and 52.13 drivers, will try 53.03 now and after that 56.xx

screens from 56.64
this is with the changed code

this is with original code

Quote from: halohalo
If you use nv17 (or above), fsaamode05/06/0C/0D should be ok with FF7pc.

what is nv17??

and i tried all those fsaamodes and they all seem to worsen the farther the number goes :(

oh i found something out..

i don't know what all the technical stuff means suff but:
when i put aa to 2 x 1 the horizontal lines are gone, but the vertical lines are not. when i use  1 x 2 the vertical lines are gone horizontal lines are not. also i uninstalled the 52.16 before installing the 53.03 drivers and RT still says some versions of the drivers are 52.16 :x well ne way all these AA modules don't work for me afaik :((

oh and if someone has RT 14.1 installer or a link to it :)

General Discussion / FF9
« on: 2004-03-07 17:21:01 »
ok i dunno exactly where to put this, so i'll put it here.

i have borrowed ff9 from a friend, and now i'm trying to get t working on my pc. currently i'm using Epsxe with Delta to configure it, but for some reason new screen loading (new background) takes time with glitches in the sound and going into battle is real slow so is the battle itself. GFX wise.

i tried diff settings, but getting tired of trying them out all the time. Does someone know another emulator or simular program with wich i can normally play?? :)

General Discussion / Big Guard (ff7)
« on: 2003-10-17 18:08:38 »
well i have that enemy skill, so i thought i'd use it. Barrier appeared beside my chars, and before i could make a next move both the bars were empty.. is that suppoesed to happen??

General Discussion / mythril mines
« on: 2003-10-11 16:38:40 »
uhm how'd u get past the game crash @ win2k when u exit mythril mines?

General Discussion / [FF7] A theory
« on: 2003-04-30 12:40:16 »
Last time i could play ff7 something caught my eye (well actually evrytime i played). When u give barret a new weapon that isn't a ranged weapon, atomic siccors for example, his dmg per hit is less then the dmg done with the ranged weapon he had before. So i started to test something.

Cloud was hitting mob X for like 150 dmg, and this was pretty much constant. Next battle i put Long Range materia on him and he was hitting same lvl mob for 250-300 dmg....

After that i did the same with Red XIII and he also had a dmg increase from putting on the long range materia.

Strangly Yuffi does verry little dmg with her ranged weapon, and Vincent hasn't got a high dmg output with ranged weapon. And it didn't go up with long range materia.

But the DMG i did with long range equiped @ cloud and Cid ^^, Cid even got higher dmg then barret both with ultimate weapon :D

Has ne one else noticed this?

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