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Troubleshooting / Weapon mod issue with my model
« on: 2009-11-08 02:49:49 »
i had applied a weaopn mod but this makes my model look like this in kimera and ingame, what should i do? thanks

Troubleshooting / BGM lost after applying openGL 0.71a
« on: 2009-11-06 10:16:22 »
what do i need to do?
I can;t hear any msuic that's coming from Ficedula's Music

Hi guys I am looking for an Original Crisis Core Cloud model,
I have a Crisis Core Cloud battle model, does anyone wants to convert the battle model that I have?

btw, I also need an Original model of Yuffie in field and in battle!


Troubleshooting / language problem
« on: 2009-10-16 03:21:02 »
why is my ff7 displaying this language in the save selection menu? how do i make this in english language?

Audio Modding / [Release] Nahatma's mp3 bgm mod version-1
« on: 2009-07-22 09:39:32 »
this mod replaces the old midi files,
the new bgm songs are from :, Advent Children Complete, and youtube,
i do not own all the songs i used, this is only a beta version,
constructive criticisms are welcome.

instructions :
1.replace the old midi.lgp with the one i provided.
2.put the Mp3 folder in directly in C:\ directory. your ff7music configuration,make sure you have configured the input and output .dll files (in_mad.dll or in_mp3.dll for the input and out_wave.dll for the output) the setup tab,create a new profile then manually assign the corresponding mp3 for the original midi, i have saved you the trouble of locating and renaming mp3s, i already changed the name of the mp3s so the name of midi and mp3 is the same. the playback options tab,select the "selective" option
6.on the "resume only after" configuration, click the " ... " and add all the bgm.
7. configure your midi device.
8. click save and exit.

enjoy :lol:

thank you, i need to capture the videos while using the advent children mod, thanks very much!

because I have the Advent Children mod-beta (advent children style in battle)
help! thank you very much.

Troubleshooting / is it possible to disable ff7 BGM?
« on: 2009-06-28 09:06:10 »
is it possible to play with just only the sound effects?

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