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Troubleshooting / Weapon mod issue with my model
« on: 2009-11-08 02:49:49 »
i had applied a weaopn mod but this makes my model look like this in kimera and ingame, what should i do? thanks

Troubleshooting / BGM lost after applying openGL 0.71a
« on: 2009-11-06 10:16:22 »
what do i need to do?
I can;t hear any msuic that's coming from Ficedula's Music

Hi guys I am looking for an Original Crisis Core Cloud model,
I have a Crisis Core Cloud battle model, does anyone wants to convert the battle model that I have?

btw, I also need an Original model of Yuffie in field and in battle!


Troubleshooting / language problem
« on: 2009-10-16 03:21:02 »
why is my ff7 displaying this language in the save selection menu? how do i make this in english language?

thank you, i need to capture the videos while using the advent children mod, thanks very much!

because I have the Advent Children mod-beta (advent children style in battle)
help! thank you very much.

Troubleshooting / is it possible to disable ff7 BGM?
« on: 2009-06-28 09:06:10 »
is it possible to play with just only the sound effects?

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