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I am modding back the Honey Bee Inn lobby into the English game, by replacing the English ONNA_1 .DAT file with the one from the Japanese Original (JORG).

However I noticed after doing this that two red exit/entrance arrows appear.

Where are these two arrows stored in the game files and how can I remove them? (Or alternatively, can I move them outside of the map?)

I have already ruled out the BSX and MIM files as possible candidates, as these have not changed in file size between JORG and the English game. I assume of course that the red arrows do not exist as unused graphics in the original game.

I have noticed this thing of course but I don't know how to use this info.

I had long assumed that removing or adding new text entries into the FFVII fields would cause text to be triggered at the wrong instances, as I figured that the game's scenes will not adjust which Text ID# it calls for. I thought this was at the very heart as to why so many unused text entries exist; because deleting them would require fixing up all the text calls.

However some experimentation in Makou Reactor 1.4.1 has made me confused. The program only claims that problems will arise if I delete a text entry that is USED. Adding new text entries or deleting unused ones led to no objections, neither when I did it in Makou Reactor or tried out the effects in a modded game.

I can ask Myst6re if this "Text Call Adjustment" for scenes is something he added himself or not, but I'm also looking for general info and knowledge regarding Text ID# mechanics. Is the problem of shifted text identification numbers an underlying cause for the high amount of unused text found in video games...or is it not? =/

The Japanese FFVII demo from 1996 has some neat stuff in its WINDOW.BIN file.

Only problem is that the colors are messed up due to tile molestor not being adapted for the PlayStation. I have long searched for something that could do the trick for this demo but to no avail.
If anybody knows how to print this with the correct palette I'd be extremely thankful. It would be a neat resource to finally have those chibi versions of Cloud, Barret and Aerith.

In case you don't have the WINDOW.BIN file here is a download link.

Unable to search for related topic.
"Due to high stress on the server, the search function has been automatically and temporarily disabled. Please try again in a short while."
Waiting a short while has not worked. =/

The desire is to change the following field names in the PC version back to their PSX counterpart.
qa -> q_1
qb -> q_2
qc -> q_3
qd -> q_4
qe -> q_5
min71 -> 7min1
sbwy4_1 -> 4sbwy_1
sbwy4_2 -> 4sbwy_2
sbwy4_22 -> 4sbwy_22
sbwy4_3 -> 4sbwy_3
sbwy4_4 -> 4sbwy_4
sbwy4_5 -> 4sbwy_5
sbwy4_6 -> 4sbwy_6
min51_1 -> 5min1_1
min51_2 -> 5min1_2
tower5 -> 5tower

I am unable to find a field-name-edit function in Makou Reactor. Anybody know existing software or methods to change the field names?

Does anybody have a technical explanation as to just why the menu can't be accessed in these parts?

The bridges lack random encounters as well.

Same question can apply to submarine/underwater area. Why is there no menu access and could there be a way to make the menu accessible? Would you see the otherwise unseen location name, "Bottom of the Sea", or would you not see it because you are not standing on the ocean floor?

Tiny Bronco and the Highwind fall into this cateogory as well. What location name would you see if the menu access was not disabled?

Primarily interested in the field models (contained in the .BSX files, interpreted via the .DAT file), but also the models of the minigames and world map/underwater would be of interest.

I am in this primarily for the sake of documenting the unused and unseen aspects of FFVII, not for editing.

Heard that Milkshape was supposed to work, but I found no (working) complementary FFVII file to make it display any field models.

If no software is out there, how feasible is it that someone might someday develop the software for viewing the non-battle 3D models of PSX FFVII?

Tidbit: Via cheat codes, GarlandTheGreat found this unused underwater structure.

So far I've tried editing the field files of the PSX game by using Makou Reactor, but I am unable to compress the folders back into a working .img file. Tried Magic ISO Maker, but I can't get any of the .iso compressions working either when I try to run the game file.

Any tips on how to easily mod the PSX versions?

This would be easy if I could just replace old field files with edited ones in the .img file, but the computer won't let me perform this action and it's apparently impossible.

General discussion / Landing on ONNA_1, 3 & 6 walkmesh
« on: 2011-03-30 16:49:04 »
Currently I am trying to jump to the proper coordinates in the unused Honey Bee Inn maps of FFVII-J, so I might be able to roam the map freely at any point in the game.

My efforts are fruitless as I am shooting in the dark. Any coordinates given to me via Makou Reactor only directs me close to origo.

I can land on the ONNA_3 walkmesh by having this map load when otherwise I would have entered YOUGAN, the field where Yuffie steals your Materia, and I can land on the walkable area in ONNA_1 and ONNA_6 by loading a "Cloud's past" save file.
This however limits me to what point in the game I can roam the map.

Does anyone know an easy way for me to figure out the exact coordinates to jump to? Do you perhaps already know the coordinates?
I am using these codes, provided to me by BrutalAl.

X axis:
80073E68 xxxx
80073E6A xxxx

Y axis:
80073E6C xxxx
80073E6E xxxx

Z axis:
80073E70 xxxx
80073E72 xxxx

Jump to ONNA_1:

Jump to ONNA_3:

Jump to ONNA_6:

General discussion / Reverse-engineering LZSS encoding?
« on: 2011-03-13 19:23:36 »
Some of the unused DAT files of FFVII are not LZSS encoded in any version of the game, but a couple of them are encoded in the first Japanese release but not encoded in all subsequent releases.

Contains a lot of script in FFVII-J, but not encoded in FFVII-I.

Has no dialogue in FFVII-J, but is encoded in contrast to its FFVII-I counterpart.

Speaking as an amateur without any programming skills, and without actually knowing what an "LZSS encoding" is,
I wonder if it might actually be possible to reverse-engineer this encoding process and thus unlock the unused files which are not properly encoded in any version of the game.

Could it be done?

General discussion / The Unused FFVII Field Files - help
« on: 2011-01-26 20:46:18 »
I have been searching through the FFVII files (specifically, I have been comparing FFVII-j and FFVII-i) and found these files which I can't read via programs like Loveless, Makou Reactor or any other field file viewer. I am more than interested in uncovering what secrets these files hold but I have no programming skills to dig into it. Anyone up to the task?

Here is a list of what I found (ignoring unused fields which can already be read via Loveless). All have BSX, DAT and MIM files.

DUMMY  (DAT file is 5094 bytes smaller in FFVII-i than in FFVII-j)
WHITEBG1  (DAT file 9669 bytes smaller in FFVII-i than in FFVII-j)
WHITEBG2  (DAT file 6847 bytes smaller --||-- )
XMVTES   (DAT file 3040 bytes smaller --||-- )

What I already know:

I know that TRAP, XMVTES (and the change in FALLP from FFVII-j to FFVII-i) was mentioned in this topic:

I know that Onna_1, 3 and 6 can be entered in FFVII-j using cheats.

I also know that either BLACKBGF or BLACKBGG (not sure which) can be visited in FFVII-j.

Either whitebg1 or whitebg2 stands for this screen, also possible to find in FFVII-j.

But what about ripping the script from the DAT files? Or viewing the MIM files? Even if the files are incomplete, like the TRAP .MIM file, I want to view them. Surely I can't be alone to want to figure out what the fifth Gelnika room, Q5, holds.

I was thinking of listing all the unused animations, but naturally I want to know if someone else has already done it.

If they have, I'd very much like to see this work.

When you defeat 1000 enemies using Cait Sith he gains two glitchy Lv3 Limit Breaks.

This 'glitch limit break' was removed in all later versions.
I am interested in knowing if any other glitchy/incomplete limit breaks exist in the original japanese FFVII, whether they be accessible via defeating enemies or using a limit a set number of times.

Also, exact data on how the limit gauge growth depends on damage would be nice. The gauge growth for Cait Sith's third limit break is extreme, requiring tens of times his max HP in order to fill up to max.

Any help is appreciated. Keep in mind that I do not know a single word of Japanese so any advice that requires this will be of no use. I am also not a hacker or a programmer of any sort.

Note: Posted in General rather than Tech Related as this question does not relate to any program or mod which I know about.

Troubleshooting / FFVII PC; modding difficulties
« on: 2009-09-10 21:07:13 »
The plan is to use Meteor to edit field files, then compress the lgp files into an flevel file and replace the original flevel file.
The (de)compressor used for most part has been 'lgptools160'. Has worked well in decompressing the flevel file and making the field files viewable through Meteor.

It fails in successfully compressing the field files, whether edited or not. The total file size is never right and the save files fail to load.

This problem seems referred to in this thread, , so I would not be surprised if lgptools is NOT the way to go. Using the Advanced Editor option (instead of trying to create an entirely new flevel file) results in the entire game itself refusing to load.
Weird, since this Tutorial, , appears to indicate that lgp tools should work just fine.

Been looking at other LGP viewers/extractors, but Highwind yields me no results, and applicants such as Kaddy I simply can not get to even load. I've been trying at this for hours now.

Is there a possible noobish mistake I could be committing here?
What application do you recommend for compressing edited field files (which have been edited both in 'Dialog' and 'Entites&Script', as seen through Meteor) ?

Can't think of much more since I'm stumped, basically.

Recently I went through all the field files, gathered from the PC version, and although Meteor performed excellently most of the time it refused to read some files and instead just crashed.

I used Meteor (Alpha v0.2),

Anybody else experience this? Could it be my field files are corrupted?

I also have found no way to contact Synergy Blades about this. Anybody have his email address?

Here is a list of those (apparently) unreadable files:
Cargoin, Cosmo, Cosmo2, fr_e, gaiin_7, hyoumap, jtemplc, junone22, kuro_11, las1_1, md0, md_e1, mtcrl_4, nivgate2, nivgate3, qc, rckt3, rckt32, sango2, trnad_52, white2, zmind1, zmind2, zmind3

(junin2 is also a bit messy; it can not display the pre-rendered background and once I load the file a message pops up saying "An unhandled exception occurred" but I can still run Meteor and the file.)

The Aeris ghost in the church can be erased by talking to a certain guy in the Nibelheim flashback. I want to figure out if any more characters erase the ghost.

I heard in this thread that Meteor should be able to help me figure this out. I have the PC version, LGP tools, Highwind and other applications as well.
However every time I select an .lgp file in Meteor, I get the message "Does not appear to be a valid field file". Unpacking any .lgp file and trying to select that one in Meteor leads me nowhere either.

What am I doing wrong? How do I make full use of Meteor? Why can I not find any flevel.lgp files?

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