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Completely Unrelated / Samsung SSD Awesomeness
« on: 2009-08-11 03:42:29 »
Incredible 2gb a sec

OK I'm updating from ff7_opengl-0.6.10b to ff7_opengl-0.7b driver and the 0.7 ff7_opengl.cfg is not working. Any options i set nothing changes. i set showfps = yes and nothing. use_shaders = yes nothing changes. the ff7_opengl.fgd is 298kb compared to 0.6.10b's ff7_opengl.fgd 3.30mb. It works fine when i revert back to 0.6.10b  Anyone having problems with the update? Am i a complete idiot and forgetting something? lol

As you first enter, speak with the Chocobo and 'Wark' hello. All
Chocobos are suppose to perform a little dance for you and spit out your summon
Materia: Choco/Mog. Instead of them dancing it just gives me the materia. Thought it might be a Phoenix Rejuvenation Project glitch so i uninstalled it... still no dance. i have 1.2 patch, aali custom driver, yamp patches installed. Anyone else have the same problem?  :?

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